Top 10 Slack Groups for Women In Tech

Slack groups for women in tech

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According to the 2020 Crunchbase diversity report, only 20% of newly founded companies have a female CEO, and chances to be hired in a tech company being a woman are not very promising either. But there are ways we can help close this gap. 

It can be hard for women to find job opportunities, high-quality training, and inclusive workspaces. But thankfully, there are exclusive Slack groups for women in tech, so you have somewhere to turn if you need support to enhance your career or just want to grow your network.

If you’re a woman in tech (or just thinking about starting a new career), here is a list of ten awesome Slack communities to join where you can find endless ways of boosting your career.

Benefits of Joining a Network for Women in Tech

Why should you join an online community for women in tech? 👇

Connect With Female Programmers

Having a network of successful programmers can be a priceless resource if you’re starting out in the industry. Not only can you ask colleagues for advice on your work, but you can also connect with some of the most talented leaders in your field.

Develop a Computer Science Career

To expand your technical knowledge and learn new programming languages, it’s essential to study along with peers. Indeed, studies suggest that collaborative learning enhances problem-solving skills. 

It’s not always easy to go it alone. That’s why there are online communities that can help you learn and guide you in your self-taught journey.

Find Your Dream Role

Are you struggling to find a job that is worth it? Perhaps you are looking for an internship or trainee position to kickstart your profession?

Curated job boards are the best way of finding opportunities for women in tech. There are plenty of hiring companies that look for professionals with your skills. Besides, all of them foster equity pay and provide a friendly and inclusive workplace.

Best 10 Communities for Women in Tech Running on Slack

The tech industry includes plenty of fields and backgrounds. So, where do you start looking if you want to join an online community with colleagues?

Here, we selected the best Slack groups for women in tech. You can explore and join the one that suits your profile 👇


This is a data science slack channel for underrepresented R programmers. With local chapters around the world, you will find spaces to learn, discuss, and connect with women tech leaders.

Hexagon UX

Aims to empower women and non-binary people working in UX. It’s 100% free to join, and as soon as you do, you’ll be invited to events where you may make lasting connections with colleagues.


The community runs inside Slack, where they host blockchain events and exchange ideas and advice. Besides, it’s excellent to find collaborators and co-founders for your projects.

Empower Her

Is a non-profit that supports women throughout all stages of career building. You can join for free and access a network full of women working in IT. Their training events and feedback channels will keep you motivated, accountable, and focused on your goals.

Women Techmakers

With more than 70,000 users, is an initiative to support women in tech with resources, community, and learning programs. They have a worldwide reach with each local chapter organizing events, both virtual and in-person. Furthermore, members attend webinars, workshops, roundtables, and expert talks to learn from mentors and leaders.

To join is completely free and allows you to participate in a global Slack community that connects professionals from all over the world.

Women in Tech

With almost 300 members, this Women in Tech has a Slack group based in Nigeria but with members from all over the world. They offer free resources, scholarships, and internship opportunities to skyrocket your career in tech.

Additionally, you can get together with fellow students and professionals in online forums. The site also has an online job board to help you land your dream role.

She Code Africa

She Code Africa empowers girls and women to learn computer programming or software engineering, facilitating exclusive job opportunities. Inside the Slack community, you can connect and participate in local and online events. Joining is completely free, and as a member, you will find channels to measure your growth and find guidance.

Furthermore, the community hosts hackathons and code camps with practical exercises and real-world case examples.

Freelancing Females 

Has a directory of professionals to help them gain visibility and get more clients. It’s a network for freelancers looking to improve their work, exchange advice, and discuss. 

You can join their Facebook group for free, but only premium members can access the Slack community. Once you become a paid member, you will be allowed to learn with curated resources and apply for job opportunities. Besides, the directory is a powerful resource for hiring companies looking for talent.

Indie Women

This is where women business owners can openly discuss new ideas, ask for feedback, and stay accountable. Members join Slack and Indie Hackers to share knowledge and motivate each other. Besides, the community hosts and participates in events and weekly stand ups to discuss struggles and victories.

It’s a space where independent makers can connect, share ideas, and have fun in a safe environment.

Women in Tech SEO

Women in Tech SEO gathers women working in the SEO industry to offer support and learning to accelerate your tech career. 

As a member, you will find a non-judgmental safe space to ask your specific questions and connect with like-minded colleagues. It’s a private Slack group that foments diversity and equality. 

Once a year, the community joins in a festival where you can meet interesting people working in tech.

Gender inequality in the workplace is still a problem in the tech industry. But joining efforts with colleagues is the answer to enhancing your career and finding better job opportunities.

In this post, we discussed why you should consider joining a Slack group for women in tech, and listed the better ones to aid your search. In case you don’t find what you’re looking for here, keep searching for more tech communities.

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