The 20+ Best Remote Work Communities to Join in 2022

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Why do so many people working from home join remote work communities? It’s because these spaces allow them to connect with like-minded people to face everyday challenges. By joining a niche community, you can easily share ideas, ask questions, learn new techniques, and find support. 

Remote work has become increasingly popular in recent years. It’s become an alternative to traditional employment and offers more job opportunities for people who have limited access to transportation or communication. People who work remotely often seek out online communities to connect with each other and discuss topics such as culture, business, and technology.

But why is this dynamic so popular nowadays? One reason is that remote work offers flexibility. People are able to pursue their passions while still being able to be home with their families.

Still, this approach has its own disadvantages. Working remotely can be lonely. You spend so much time with your computer and phone that you don’t see the people around you, there are no workmates around. Sometimes it feels as you’ve built a universe all by yourself, with only a few people to share it with. It’s isolating, and it can be difficult to stay motivated in such conditions. But there are ways to overcome this feeling of loneliness.

Remote work can be hard, but that’s why people are joining remote work communities. It’s a way to stay engaged with others, develop friendships, learn new skills, and grow. 

We’ve put together the main reasons why remote workers are joining communities in their field and selected our favorite groups to enhance your productivity.

1. Find a Good Co-working Space

Co-working spaces provide both mental and physical benefits, making them an attractive option for individuals who desire more flexibility in their work or careers. The trend for co-working in-person spaces isn’t something new, but with the arise of virtually due to the pandemic, a lot of professionals were pushed to transition into online co-working spaces.  

If you’re looking for a space to work collectively and meet new people, you can’t miss these communities:

Coworking Online

With live chat and discussions, remote workers from all over the world keep their goals on track and share their progress to overcome isolation.


This community for Spanish-speaker people working in tech runs in Discord and has over 13,000 members. They host pair-programming groups to make the most of members’ complementary skills.

Remote Work

It’s the one-stop destination to find local hubs around the world. With 150+ local communities running in Slack, you’ll find coworking groups wherever you are. All you need to do is sign up for a city and wait until they send you the invitation.


It’s a space for coworking and making new friends with other Spanish speakers. With local meetups and virtual events, you can boost your ideas to turn them into profitable products with the help of your peers.

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Remote Work Slack

They are more than 3,500 members who promote collaboration as a way of sorting any challenge. You can join to find coworking stations and join remote workers from all over the world. 

2. Discover the latest remote jobs

Remote work communities are a great place to find work, plenty of them have curated job boards where you can find open remote-friendly positions. But where should you start looking when there’s a sea of communities out there? Here we listed some of our favorite remote work communities that have job boards for you to filter according to your interests.

We Are Async

They are a group of asynchronous professionals working at top companies in the world. Although they’re very exclusive on new members’ acceptance, the job board is open for anyone who’d like to apply.


weremoto cover

The WeRemoto community has remote job opportunities in Latin America, listing new daily positions for roles in design, marketing, coding, sales, content writing, and more. Unlike other portals where you need to upload your CV and create a profile to apply for an opportunity, they connect you directly with the hiring company.

Grow Remote

They are based in Ireland but have local chapters spread around the world. Within the local groups, you can find job opportunities targeting professionals in your area.


As Entre is a dedicated network for entrepreneurs, investors, creators, and freelancers, within the job board you’ll find not only remote working open positions but also co-founding opportunities with fellow makers.

entre cover


The community is 100% free and is maintained for remote workers around the world. By joining them, you’ll find resources to enhance your career, but also a curated job board to apply for your next dream job.


It’s a community where you can find the latest job opportunities and apply for free. Besides, they have a repository of remote-friendly companies you can visit for free.

They run a free Discord community, and have a curated job board to help you find work in the developer relations/ advocate/ marketing field.

AfriSplash Remotely

This community for freelancers and remote workers from Africa has a talent-matching system that connects recruiters with talents looking for remote job opportunities. In addition, they offer mentorship programs to support your career development.

3. Hang out with Remote Workers

As we already know, working in solitary can cause stress, anxiety, and even depression. Finding similar people to hang out with is essential to keep healthy relationships with professionals who understand your struggles. As a remote worker, you can join local and virtual groups to engage with people walking the same path, and enrich your journey with others’ experiences.

But we know it can be challenging to take the first step to join a community, and that’s we researched for you to identify the most welcoming groups that host virtual and in-person events.

Remotely One

They are a free community that joins members in virtual events and in-person meetups to facilitate new connections among people with similar hobbies and interests. They organize special events to hang out and meet new remote workers.

Women Who Code

Targeting women in tech, they organize a lot of events hosted in local groups. Their members join to make new friends with professionals in the field and to strengthen the sisterhood as a way of fighting against gender inequality in the industry. 

Order In

It’s a community that gathers remote workers in structured workweeks to help you keep accountable and boost your productivity. They meet regularly to inspire each other and avoid loneliness in the workplace.

4. Build a network

When it comes to your professional development, it’s all about who you spend time with. Building your network is the right step towards more job opportunities and unlimited learning. Besides, if you adopt the habit of participating in niche events and meetups, you’ll surely be surrounded by inspiring people willing to share their ideas with you. Check out our curated list of communities with spaces for networking:

We Work Remotely

If you’re looking to stay in touch with the right people, you can’t miss the We Work Remotely community. They organize events to connect talents with professionals from hiring companies. Members get the chance to improve their job research and build useful networks around recruiters.


They are an exclusive community of developers where only 2% of applicants get accepted. As their admission process is so rigorous, you can be sure there would be interesting people in the room when you join. It’s a great place to build your inner circle surrounded by people who are on the same page.

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The Freelance Institute

They exist to connect freelancers within one platform. Members are in touch with peers through events and engage in a Circle group. If you join them, you’ll discover the power of community wisdom and smart networking.

Freelance Founders

If you’re an experienced freelancer, you can join other founders in an exclusive network for word-class professionals. They are very strict and only those who meet high professional standards can participate. If you get accepted, you surely find networking opportunities with peers who are on the same level.


They are also a private community with a rigorous admission process. Once you get accepted, you’ll have a spot in the virtual Slack community to ask for feedback and advice from experienced freelancers.


This is a free peer-to-peer learning community for developers, where you can build a personal brand and cultivate new connections. Inside the community Slack group, you can find AMAs, events, and discussions to participate in.

For Spanish speakers:

Espabilismo Freelance

Targeting Spanish speakers, the group is composed of freelancers looking to scale their online business. As they interact mainly in Discord, you can find several channels to ask your questions, get feedback, and receive advice from other freelancers.

5. Find support in a nomad lifestyle

As a result of the freedom involved in remote work, a lot of professionals turn into a nomad lifestyle to travel around the world and work at the same time. But it’s not always so exciting as some workers end up feeling alone and disconnected.

To thrive, digital nomads must adapt to new environments, and often have no local support to turn to. That’s why we collected some of the best digital nomad communities to help you engage with people who share your same passion for the road:

Digital Nomad Girls

They are a group of women who loves to travel and work around the world. They have a Circle community to stay connected 24/7, and also organize several in-person meetups and retreats yearly. Strengthen the sisterhood as a way of fighting against gender inequality in the industry. 

Nomad List

They have a community for travelers and remote workers that facilitates resources and information to make your trips simpler. With local meetups and dates you can attend, it’s a great group to meet other remote workers on the road.

The founder of Digital Nomad Girls explained how the community emerged as a way of staying connected with other digital nomads girlfriends:

YouTube video

Digital Nomad Ventures

They join entrepreneurs and freelancers to learn together and help each other improve their work. Inside this community, you’ll find valuable insights and feedback to overcome your struggles.

Looking for more communities for remote workers? 👉 Check out the best online coworking groups to enhance your productivity.

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