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Fashion lovers
Fashion lovers

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It’s fashion week season, and we think it’s the perfect time to share some of the greatest style forums for fashion lovers. And the reasons why you should join one! Online communities and forums are great spaces for its members to network with like-minded people. But also to keep updated on the latest trends! And all fashion lovers know knowing about the latest trends is key to being fashionable.

However, fashion experts hold that it’s also essential to have your style and be yourself. That’s another reason why style forums are great for fashion lovers: you can find the one that fits you perfectly. One with people and experts that match your values, vision, and unique style 👇

List of the Best Fashion Networking Sites

Here are some of the best style forums and online communities for you!

  1. SoleSavy
  2. The Fashion Spot
  3. Styleforum
  4. Fashion Revolution
  5. Ask Andy About Clothes


SoleSavy’s an online community for sneaker lovers and enthusiasts. While there are some features that you can access for free, to become a member you’ll have to pay $33 per month or $330 per year.

This group allows its members to access unique sneakers without reducing their love for shoes to a buying-selling relationship. Instead, as a member, you’ll be able to meet passionate people, assist friends, create together, and if you identify as a woman, join a women’s-only community inside SoleSavy!

SoleSavy has other features for members (and some for non-members, too), such as a podcast, member assistance before, during, and after retail releases, and access to exclusive discounts in selected stores.

The Fashion Spot

This one’s a style blog that also offers fashion lovers the opportunity to join multiple free forums where they can network with others and chat about the latest trends, magazines, and art and design. It has over 77,900 members. There’s also a channel for those searching for careers and information about education and the business of fashion.


With over 200,000 members, Styleforum is one of the largest and most influential men’s fashion communities online. This group provides its members access to plenty of forums, where fashion lovers can connect with like-minded men and share information about multiple topics. These include style, discussions about buying and selling clothes, culture, and special events.

Fashion Revolution

If you love fashion, but you’re also concerned about the effects of fast fashion on our planet, this community’s definitely for you! Fashion Revolution is a global non-profit movement and sustainable fashion forum that nucleates designers, makers, workers, and fashion consumers. But also writers, academics, business leaders, and policymakers.

Through awareness campaigns, the founders and members of the community demand radical and revolutionary change in the fashion industry.

What’s their goal? To build an industry that provides dignified work for everyone involved, fair and equal pay, and gives voice to the people. That respects heritage and culture, and that stands for solidarity, inclusiveness, and awareness. An industry that’s transparent, and that protects the environment instead of destroying it.

On its web page, Fashion Revolution provides resources for consumers, producers, and everyone in between. For example, if you’re a citizen that wants to participate in the community’s actions, you can donate to their campaigns, follow them on social media, or sign up to receive their newsletter. Also, you can download digital campaign assets, and find your country team if you want to join!

Ask Andy About Clothes

Sustainable fashion.
Fashion Revolution’s goal is to build a more sustainable fashion industry.

Born in 2004, this community was created as an inviting and friendly space for men who are interested in fashion.

Subsequently, Ask Andy About Clothes has become an over 73,000 member community dedicated to men’s fashion and clothing enthusiasts.

All people identified as men can join the community’s discussion on collections, materials, and models. Also, chat about styles, reviews, accessories, and much more on the group’s forums.

Why Should You Join Online Fashion Communities?

Nowadays, there are communities of all kinds. Among them, are groups for fashion lovers. What makes communities so interesting? What added value will be part of a community give you? Let’s check out some of the reasons why you should join an online fashion community!

It’s a Regular Source of Inspiration 💡

Whether you’re trying to keep updated with the latest trends or find some inspiration to create your style, communities will be of great help! As members share and chat regularly, the group powers the opportunity for members to find feedback, resources, and to challenge one another. Also, you’ll be able to fuel your creativity with new ideas for your brand, business, or fashion blog.

Connect With Like-Minded People 🧠

Sustainable fashion.
Illustration by Fernando Cobelo.

Communities are great places to meet people from all over the world. And it gives its members the possibility to build a support network. These valuable connections are essential to finding unique opportunities and keeping your spirit high and motivated.

Find New Opportunities 🙌

The fashion industry can sometimes be tough on newcomers. That’s why, especially if you’re new to this world, it’s important to join a community where you can find support, and even education and job opportunities. These include the best universities or courses to study or even magazines or brands where you can build your career.

Whatever your goal is, if you are a fashion lover, being part of support forums is a good way to start your way to achieving it. If you’re still looking for the right group for you, check out the full list of communities we have here at Unita!

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