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One of the main goals when joining online communities is to connect with like-minded people! However, those relationships don’t necessarily have to have a work-related objective. One can also aim to simply meet new people and make new friends. Even more so with the pandemic, which has shrunk the spaces where people can connect with others. In this post, we’ll explore the best 10 chill Discord servers for you to make friends online (and the best chill server on Discord just for you!):

1. Glitch Realm

Greetings, gamers, and gearheads! Glitch Realm is a free and chill Discord server with over 1,600 members that gathers people from all over the world to play and discuss mostly Animal Crossing. You can connect with like-minded people, or find peers to play games with. Moreover, you can be up-to-date on gaming news, discuss game topics with others, or just relax and have fun.

2. Lu’s Shed

Lu’s Shed is a small, free, and chill Discord server that’s designed to help users interact with people from all over the world and experience engaging discussions in a casual way. They’ve built a friendly, relaxed environment, where people can casually chat with one another.

3. Pure Imagination

Pure Imagination is a community of creatives, who love art and photography. The idea behind this friendly and chill Discord server was to create a place where creative people across the world can share their work, ask for advice, and learn from each other’s experiences.

chill Discord servers are great spaces to make friends online
Pure Imagination has over 5,000 members!

The group’s members include writers, photographers, designers, musicians, artists, and more! And once you’re a member, you’ll find many different channels on Pure Imagination’s server where you can share your work or find inspiration from others. They have channels for music (such as #music-club), photography (#photo-club), writing (#writing-club), arts and crafts (#art-and-design) and more!

As a member of the community, you will be able to:

🎨 Share your art with the world: Pure Imagination allows you to share your work with other creatives, in channels like #art-and-design, #music, #photography, #writing, and more.

🤝 Connect with like-minded creatives: By joining this Discord server, you’ll be able to interact with other creatives from all over the world, find people with similar interests, and make new friends.

In addition, group members organize plenty of fun events. As a member, you can participate in different activities that include giveaways and music, art, writing, food, and photography events. All of these consist of open-mics, contests, collaborations with other artists, live sessions, joint productions, and challenges.

4. r/antiwork

r/antiwork is an online forum for people who’re curious about a work-free life. While it might not be as common to hear about the anti-work movement outside the Internet, there are over 1,9 million users that participate in the anti-work subreddit. So if you want more information about these ideas, and want or need personal help with your work-related struggles, this is the place for you!

5. r/kpop

This subreddit named r/kpop was built for k-pop lovers! With over 1,5 million trainees, people in this forum share and discover Korean music.

reddit k-pop cover image
The r/kpop forum was founded in 2009, long before this music genre became popular in Western culture.

K-pop (or Korean popular music) is a musical genre consisting of pop, dance, electropop, hip-hop, rock, R&B, and electronic music. While the movement originated in South Korea, it’s currently present and loved by thousands of people around the world. In addition to music, k-pop has grown into a popular subculture, which has resulted in widespread interest in the fashion and style of Korean idol groups and stars.

6. Girl Gamers

Girl Gamers is a free subreddit for gamers who self-identify as women. Since its foundation in 2010, this chill online community has accumulated over 160,000 members. Although there are no requirements to join this online group, as its name indicates, Girl Gamers is mainly for people interested in the world of gaming.

The forum has some weekly threads where you can connect with other gamers, such as self-promotion Tuesday, what you’re playing Wednesday, find a friend Friday, and battle station weekends. Apart from the subreddit, the group has a relaxed Discord server. However, to join this group, you’ll have to request access to the moderators on Reddit.

7. WritingPrompts

WritingPrompts is a writing forum on Reddit that has over 15 million members from around the world. It also has a friendly and chill Discord server, which is a great place to make friends as it has fewer members than the subreddit. However, the WritingPrompts forum is an awesome place to find inspiration and new ideas to write and to meet like-minded peers.

If none of these communities feels the right fit for you, explore our complete directory with more than 600 online groups and find the perfect community for you! In Unita, you can compare and review the best communities, masterminds, and online groups.

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