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Community building is an important part of any marketing strategy. But it can also be complicated to master – especially if you’re new to the world of community building, or have never done it before.

There is a lot to consider, and with so many different places and online groups to learn about community management, making sense of it can be hard to find high-quality guidance.

Luckily, there are many powerful resources out there that will help you master community building in no time. Listed below are 8 of the best newsletters to learn about community building and streamline your journey into becoming a pro.

How Subscribing to a Newsletter Will Help Me Learn Community Building?

Newsletters come in several unique ways, and today I will help you find the perfect newsletter for your specific needs.

On the one hand, the regular frequency of a newsletter makes learning easier. You develop a habit of reading something monthly or weekly that will enhance your knowledge of a certain topic.

Besides, the best newsletters contain huge value inside. Newsletter creators spend a lot of time researching what is going to be a great resource. This allows you to access high-level, curated information without doing the hard work yourself.

And to top it off, most newsletters are free!

It’s a no-brainer, isn’t it?

Plus, the majority of the newsletters that I will be showing you here also have great communities behind.

When it comes to learning something new, a great way to do it is by joining communities in your field. Indeed, people that gather around a common interest can be a very powerful source of insights, tools, and inspiration.

Below are my top picks: the 8 best newsletters about community building. So, if you are learning community building, definitely consider subscribing to some (or all) of these!

The Most Valuable Community Building Newsletters

The order in which I listed the following newsletters doesn’t indicate that one is better than the other below. A specific newsletter will suit you better or worse according to your goals and personal taste. Feel free to experiment and subscribe to the ones you feel bring you the most value!


A must if you’re serious about community building. They describe it as “The land of treasure for community builders” and aim to support you through all stages of growth with resources, posts, and building in public updates.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration, or want to explore proven strategies to promote engagement, Rosieland is the perfect place to start. You can join them for free to stay updated with the founder’s challenges, issues, and wins. Besides, they have a premium membership that gives you access to the Minimum Viable Community (MVC) course, where you can learn how to create your community from scratch.


CommunityValidated it’s a free newsletter of community-based business ideas. Indeed, their name is very descriptive: they find real problems people are talking about, and transform them into business opportunities.

Every week, the team research different online communities across the web. They listen to real people talk about real problems they are facing. CommunityValidated later curates the most promising ones and proposes business opportunities in the weekly newsletter.

If you are looking to build a business, focusing on community from the start is very powerful. It allows you to co-create your business with your customers, according to their needs and desires.

Likewise, the community you build around your business can also be a strong and effective distribution channel.


Orbit is a platform that provides community builders with unique tools and insights to help them better understand the community they are serving.

The Observatory is their free, weekly community newsletter. By subscribing to it, you will receive every week, directly to your inbox, curated information about community building.

The team at Orbit research tactics, trends, and valuable resources, curating everything into well-written, value-packed emails for you to enjoy every week.

And if you want to learn more, you can also leverage their free guides and resources for community builders.

Besides, you can also join Orbit’s Discord server for free. Inside, you will find over 1400 group members eager to have productive conversations around community building.

This online group provides you with a great opportunity to build your professional network, and learn from other community builders and their strategies.


CMX gathers community managers in an online community filled with resources, educational content, and networking opportunities.

Their free, weekly newsletter curates top industry news, trends, and even jobs for community professionals.

It’s a great newsletter to subscribe to if you want to be always up-to-date with what’s happening in the world of community.

Additionally, if you join the community, you can participate in local events in over 20 countries around the world, along with other virtual events.

As a member of CMX, you can join others in Facebook, Slack, and Discord to connect, learn, and network with fellow community professionals.


Increatable delivers polished emails with insights and other ideas about community building. It’s a wonderful resource for community builders to learn something new for free regularly.

Moreover, you can join the Increatable community in Circle and spark interesting conversations with other builders.

Besides, Increatable has some other free resources for you to dive in and learn community building from its founder – a professional with years of experience managing and developing communities.

Community Club

The Community Club gathers thousands of community managers and founders looking to build community-driven businesses.

By subscribing to the Community Club newsletter, you will receive community content every week directly to your inbox. Their emails include many insights and tips on engagement, moderation, support, strategy, and more.

YouTube video

It helps community professionals worldwide to sharpen their skills and always be learning.

Additionally, Community Club runs a community in a forum-like format where you will be able to connect and interact with other fellow community professionals.

Community Club also offers monthly AMAs with industry experts, a huge content library full of tools and resources, mentorship programs, and even courses!


Uncommunity curates hundreds of resources to help you build, manage, and grow communities.

Subscribing to their free newsletter allows you to get book recommendations, useful tools, value-packed podcasts, information about new products for community builders, and new features of existing top products in the industry.

The Uncommunity team research and monitor famous communities every week, gathering powerful insights you can use to grow your own communities.

The Business of Belonging

This newsletter belongs to the author of the book with the same name. He also happens to be one of the cofounders of CMX, a great newsletter we already discussed in this list.

The Business of Belonging explores how you, as a business owner, can make community your competitive advantage. How can we integrate customers into the business and create a sense of belonging in them?

Likewise, the newsletter further delves into the ideas of the book and goes beyond. Every email contains detailed, curated information to assist you in creating a sense of community in your business.

Indeed, it’s a great newsletter to subscribe to since it allows you to leverage the 10+ years of experience of the author as a community builder. He has many insights to share!

These are some of the best newsletters to learn about community building. If you are looking to start your own community or make this your career, newsletters are great resources to continuously improve.

By subscribing to some newsletters you will receive new and curated information every week, further sharpening your skills. In the community world, is vital to always be learning, and newsletters allow you to do exactly that. But if you’re still looking for resources and spaces to connect with colleagues, join a community for community builders.

So pick your favorites – and happy learning!

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