8 of The Best Gaming Communities To Join In 2022

best gaming communities
best gaming communities

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Gaming communities are a fun way to interact and make friends from around the world. You can play in real-time, develop team strategies, and learn from experts.

Indeed, most online gaming communities are spaces where you can find coaching, support, and feedback to improve your game. On the other hand, if you’re a pro, you can monetize your time by becoming a gaming coach yourself.

There are also gaming forums where people ask for help, build a team, and stay updated with the latest news.

Here, we show you the best gaming communities and forums to join in 2022 👇

Most Active Gaming Communities

Nowadays, most players join Discord servers of the games they like. There are huge and very specific ones, such as the Minecraft Discord server. But there are also online groups where you can find a variety of games to play and learn such as Strats, and plenty of Reddit gaming communities you can join to discuss new releases and strategies.

Here are the most popular gaming Discord servers and Reddit communities:

  1. Minecraft
  2. Indie Tales
  3. Metafy
  4. Legionfarm
  5. r/gaming
  6. r/GirlGamers
  7. r/GamingLeaksAndRumours
  8. r/gaymers


With 800,000 members, this online community running on Discord is the perfect place to connect with Minecraft lovers. It’s such a popular server that now is full and doesn’t allow new participants at the moment. 

Once in there, members join to share gameplay updates, ask for feedback, and make new friends!

Indie Tales

Are you a designer, web developer, and video game lover?

If the answer to the question above is yes, then you can’t miss the Indie Tales community.

It’s a community for pixel artists running on Discord and Twitch. Inside, you can find design tutorials and live game building. 

Members also share their creations and ask for feedback to refine their work.


If you’re looking to improve your game and learn from the bests, this is the right place to start. 

As a member of the Metafy community, you can connect with coaches from all over the world and request mentorship. And if you’ve played for some time, you can also enroll as a gaming coach. 

They run a Discord server with over 120 games to choose from, and the possibility to join in multiplayer online games.

It’s simple as selecting your favorite games and booking a coaching session.

metafy cover


They connect pro players of Warzone and Apex. Inside the server, you can find a private space to refine your gameplay with coaching.

It’s a paid community, and to be part, you need to purchase a gaming session starting at $15.

The Gaming Community on Reddit

Discord is great to stay connected with fellow gamers during plays. But for going deep in conversation and staying updated, a lot of people check out gaming subreddits.

These are great to find out if there are new releases, discover trending games, and check out leaks and rumors.

But also, some Reddit communities work as a support network for underrepresented players.

As you might guess, there’s also bullying and harassment inside game rooms. But by joining efforts and hosting safe spaces to discuss this problem, a lot of gamers find relief.

Whether you’re looking to stay updated, find new friends, or find support to fight against inequality, here are the best subreddits to join:


A community where you can find reviews, new releases, and even memes.

It’s one of the most active gaming communities on Reddit and has daily conversations around a lot of games.

If you’re serious about gaming, it’s the perfect hub to stay updated and discover the latest trends.


This subreddit is followed by over 160,000 members and aims to support women gamers. 

It’s a safe place where you can connect with other girls from all over the world and fight against online violence. 

To join their Discord community, you need to identify as a woman and fill out an admission form. Once in there, you can join live sessions and discuss toxicity in game rooms. 

💡 Discover more women-only communities ⋙


Are you excited to play new releases of your favorite games? Inside this Reddit community, members share leaks and rumors of the most requested games out there.

You can find the latest announcements and tests before anyone else.


Inside this subreddit, you can participate in a safe and inclusive discussion forum for members of the LGBTQ+ community

Away from the violence of traditional servers, they offer the opportunity to connect with people fostering respect and inclusion.

Besides, members use this subreddit to find team players and join P2P gaming sessions.

Benefits of Peer To Peer Gaming

Participating in peer-to-peer gaming sessions and meeting pro players from all over the world is a great way of improving your tactics without the need of joining a dedicated server. 

Indeed, P2P gaming is common in all kinds of games. From the most vintage ones like GTA to the newest and adventurous.  

But, where to find fellow gamers to play online? 

Joining online communities can help you stay close to the people who love to play the same games. Besides, these are great places to join P2P gaming sessions and build teams to win any battle.

Gamers from all over the world are joining gaming communities and forums to stay updated and improve their tactics. 

There are Discord servers and Reddit gaming communities full of people exchanging resources, asking for feedback, and mentoring each other. And work as hubs to know the latest news and play the new releases before anybody else. 

Here, we listed the best gaming communities out there. But if you’re still looking for more places to connect with peers, check out our full directory of communities.

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