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The crypto community has opened a door for artists looking to make a living from their art. And NFT marketplaces have become an environment where you can sell and buy authentic pieces, most of the time also ensuring your spot in a Discord community. In this post, we show you the best NFT projects with active communities running on Discord.

Best NFT Communities to Join in 2022

It’s time to get to know the best NFT communities so you can start your crypto trade with or NFTs. Each NFT community has its own rules, so it is important to follow them when accessing any Discord server.

finfloww Discord NFT


Is a well-known server with over 1,300 users interested in having an NFT space to discuss entrepreneurship. In addition to this, the server has spaces for beginners to ask questions and work together on exciting projects.


This is an enthusiastic NFT project that is currently growing as a space for artists. To join, you need to buy a Doodle and access the Discord server to vote and participate in treasury management.

doodles NFT art

Crypto College

It’s a community for Web3 and NFTs enthusiasts seeking to learn new frameworks and study DAOs dynamics. Inside, you will find support, and training on designing tokenized communities.

FWB (Friends With Benefits)

If you want to join the NFT market and support artists, this is the right Discord channel. There are over 14 thousand members who want to know about art projects that are taking place. Besides, it’s a great server to find mentorship and discussions related to DAOs, NFTs, and Web3 in general.

Here is a video explaining how you can join Friends With Benefits.

YouTube video


This is a DAO project working on the Solana blockchain with a community running on Discord. As in most of these groups, to be a member you need to buy Cartel tokens. Cartel’s NFTs are 24-bit pixel art human forms, and long-term token holders are rewarded and gain authority in the DAO. These tokens work as avatars for members.

How to join an NFT Discord server

There are different ways to join NFT communities on Discord. Some of them are open for everyone to see what’s happening and have given an invitation link to enter servers for free. It’s simple as following the “join” button to follow community activities and news. But to participate in private discussions and vote for treasury management, you need to buy NFTs.

On the other hand, there are exclusive groups such as Friends With Benefits. They only allow you to access the corresponding server once you buy their token. Such groups work on the idea of peers investing in the community grow with wisdom and culture.

Buying Non-fungible Tokens: Is It Safe?

If you’re thinking about investing in a non-fungible token or NFT, it’s important to understand the risks and benefits. And as we are living in the middle of an NFT fever, potential investors are wondering how to buy safely.

Firstly, you need to know that tokens are usually based on the Ethereum blockchain but can also be on other blockchains such as Solana and Polkadot. Consequently, the ownership of the NFT asset is validated by these technologies, and your tokens work as certificates of the originality of an NFT collectible or NFT art.

In community, the piece of art you’re buying -which in most cases works as an avatar, is your certificate as a community member. And although there are plenty of membership profiles across communities, holding tokens ensures participation in decisions that might end in excellent investment choices, especially if you’re an early investor.

But to secure your investments, you first need to analyze the project of your interests to decide which community meets your expectations. Besides, it’s important to consider that tokens are valued by demand and who’s behind the project before you buy NFTs. Consequently, high prices might not remain if the NTF bubble pops out.

This is an issue that has raised a lot of controversies and that’s why for many people it’s not completely trustworthy. That is why these investments remain to this day without being fully adopted by many after having unviable commercial signals for some.

Besides, users have a lot of concerns regarding how to save their assets in a safe place. Here’s a tutorial to explore how to do it right ????

YouTube video

Share your art projects

The truth is that the NFT community continues to grow, like crypto Discord, they are still the most wanted channels. Because it allows you to share all the NFT art projects you’re working on. Thus, the users will be able to immerse themselves in your designs and invest in your proposals.

Without a doubt, one of the great advantages that Discord offers to NFT enthusiasts is being able to share their projects. If you are starting in the world of smart contracts, cryptocurrencies, and NFT then, you are taking advantage of a good opportunity. That’s why we leave you the best NFT communities on Discord so that you can join them.

How to Sell your Art on the Discord NFT Server Marketplace

To sell the NFT art that you have it’s important to be on some of the platforms that allow these processes. Remember that an NFT is some sort of digital file that exists, such as an image, video, audio, GIF, 3D figure among others.

Once you upload and create your NFT, it will be time to put it up for sale within a marketplace. With this, you can have a sale link that you can share in the groups where you are. It is important that you remember that each of these spaces has rules, if it is not allowed to sell, then, do not do it.

Within the Discord community, you are in, you can make your different NFTs public. In this way, you can reach a broad audience and target people in the niche.

Join the best NFT communities on Discord

For 2022 these are the best NFT communities on Discord that you can join and continue to grow in the NFT market. Don’t be left out and find the NFT community that makes you most excited to learn about the NFT projects that are emerging.

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