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As in almost every industry, the digital revolution also has its implications in the art world. And as new technologies thrived and became more sophisticated, such as with NFTs and net art, the oldest kinds of digital art -such as pixel art– became more unique and niche, carrying nostalgia as one of its main values.

Guiding themselves by this uniqueness, pixel art lovers and creators started gathering in online spaces. Networking in platforms such as Discord, which provides its members plenty of servers and channels to talk about all-things-pixel art. Let’s check out some of the best Discord pixel art servers you can join! ๐Ÿ‘‡

Arcade game world design.

As we mentioned previously, pixel art is a pixel-based form of digital art. Its images are created and edited using graphics editing software at the pixel level.

Its really personal and unique style is mainly generated by the nostalgic and melancholic vibe it transmits. That’s mainly because it brings people back to the Mario Bros. and arcade games eras (80s and 90s).

Here are the 10 most popular Discord pixel art servers on the internet ๐Ÿ‘‡

  1. Lospec
  2. PixelArt
  3. Pixelation
  4. Pixonomicon
  5. Pixel Joint
  6. Indie Tales
  7. Cartel
  8. Pixel Art Discord
  9. TIGSource
  10. Pixilart


lospec screen

Lospec is a community of pixel artists with over 33,000 members. It offers tutorials, advice on how to improve your artwork, and communities to join and network with colleagues. Their advice includes: practicing -as the most important step to improving any skill-, learning, receiving feedback, and studying hard.


While many communities are on Discord, there are groups that prefer other platforms to share their art.

Such is the example of PixelArt. This one’s a Reddit community born in 2008. With more than 500,000 members, artists and creators browse, post, ask questions, and get feedback on their pixel art! However, this particular group clarifies it’s only for this kind of digital art form and an NFT free zone.


Pixelation is a community with over 177,000 members, and it has three main sections. A general one named General, which has a general discussion, questions, and miscellaneous channel, and a challenge and activity channel. In the second one, members can test their skills and/or enjoy friendly collaborations or competitions.

There’s also a Critique section where members can post their pixel art, get feedback, or help others with their work. A 2D and 3D channel, which transcends the pixel art medium. And a projects channel, which is aimed at people who want to receive feedback on their long-term projects and games. Last but not least, there’s a Job channel. Here, members can share their portfolios and find plenty of job offers and opportunities for artists and coders.


Pixonomicon describes itself as a pixel art cult on Discord. It’s a free community with hundreds of members who like to engage in discussions and challenges on different topics. These include pixel art, but also game development, and other digital art forms. Also, colleagues love to give feedback on other members’ work and answer questions.

In addition, this Discord server also has channels like #resources and #inspiration. These provide its members with multiple resources such as tools, tutorials, videos, and references to inspire and empower your art.

Pixel Joint

Pixel Joint is a community created by and destined for pixel artists and creators. It was founded in 2004 by creator sedgemonkey. And since the site was opened to the public, it hasn’t stopped growing in members! It has a gallery where creators can show their art to colleagues and receive friendly and constructive feedback. Also, it has a forum and is the home of several collaborative art pixel projects.

The online group also has a Discord server with more than 900 members. It offers weekly challenges, multiple tools, digital art-related interviews, and resources for pixel art enthusiasts too.

Indie Tales

Indie Tales is a free and open art pixel and gaming community founded by Adam Younis, an Australian game developer who’s present on YouTube, Discord, and Twitch. He created this project to share his with pixel art and gaming lovers his projects.

YouTube video

What started as an exercise to promote my work, has since grown into a community present in YouTube, Twitch, and Discord.

Adam Younis, founder of Indie Tales

“Learning a new skill and improving at something really can come up to look at things in detail and understanding how they work,” Younis added.


Cartel is a DAO project conformed by a coalition of more than 750 NFT collectors and enthusiasts. While it’s not a community of properly-said pixel art, it focuses on another kind of digital art which is non-fungible tokens (most known as NFTs), stored on blockchains.

Cartel’s NFTs are 24-bit pixel art human forms Internet users can use as profile pictures in their social media accounts, such as Twitter, Twitch, and YouTube. Also, the community (which is present in Solana and has a Discord server, too) has its own SPL utility token called $DRUGS. It’s available for trading in Dexlab, and it can be used to buy and sell the group’s NFTs.

Pixel Art Discord

The Pixel Art Discord is a free community that has over 11,000 members who share a love for pixel art. Members include artists, animators, and game developers that want to engage in conversations and challenges with like-minded colleagues. In this Discord server, you’ll also find tutorials, job offers, and opportunities. Also, you’ll be able to receive feedback from people who work in the digital art industry.


TIGSource Forums are independent gaming discussion spaces created for pixel art and gaming developers and creators. With more than 61,100 members, this community has multiple threads where digital art and gaming enthusiasts can network with colleagues, showcase their work, and find great job opportunities. They also have an official Discord server with over 2,800 members.


Pixilart is one of the largest pixel art communities. It describes itself as an art community for everyone. This includes users of all ages, and all levels of expertise: from beginners to experts, and everyone in between! It’s a safe social platform where members can create beautiful pixel art, share it with others, collaborate in plenty of digital art projects, shop artwork you like, and much more.

What Are the Best Places to Showcase and Sell Pixel Art?

According to Lospec, the best online places to showcase and sell pixel art are ๐Ÿ‘‡

Pixel Joint ๐Ÿ‘พ

As we mentioned earlier, Pixel Joint is a community, but it started as a standalone gallery. Although it’s a little outdated, it still has the biggest and highest quality collection of pixel art on the Internet. That’s why this gallery is one of the greatest places to show your art to the world. And potentially sell it too! However, pieces must meet Pixel Joint’s quality standard to be approved.

Twitter ๐Ÿฆ

Twitter’s also a great space for artists, creators, and game developers to showcase their work and artistic projects! By breaking out of the pixel art niche, you’ll have your work seen by a lot more people and gain followers. However, try following and connecting with other game developers, artists, and creators.

๐Ÿ’ก Make sure to use #pixelart on your posts to reach more Twitter users!

Pixelation ๐Ÿง 

If you’re seeking to get your work seen by colleagues or attract more job opportunities, Pixelation might also be the right place for you! It’s a standalone forum that hosts lots of pixel art experts. And there, you’ll also be able to engage in deeper discussions about pixel art.

r/Pixelart ๐Ÿ˜‰

pixelart discord server

If you want to be in one of the most massive pixel art forums on the Internet, you should join Reddit’s r/pixelart forum. While it has over 100,000 members, most posts stay within the smaller ecosystem which is filled with both beginner and experienced pixel artists. Also, it’s one of the only places where they will accept anyone to share their pixel art!

Free Resources for Pixel Artists

pixelart resources

Most of the communities, forums and groups we mentioned earlier in this article provide digital art lovers and enthusiasts with multiple free resources. For example, Pixilart provides anyone who wants to create a pixel art piece a free canvas to start creating online!

Members can also engage in contests, such as the St. Patrick’s contest which is now live. The winner will receive a Nintendo Switch Lite as a price. The contest ends on March 31.

There’s also a pixel art maker that provides users the possibility of creating their own artwork and sharing it with other artists to receive constructive feedback and critiques.

These are just some of the communities, forums, and Discord servers you can join if you’re a pixel art creator and enthusiast. However, as most online groups postulate, be encouraged to create and share your art on your social media platforms. Ans make sure to use hashtags related to digital art to reach more followers, and find potential buyers!

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