10 Email Capture Landing Page Examples

Explore 10 examples of landing pages that can help you collect your first emails. Learn from them and build your own!

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As digital marketers, we all know how important email lists are for driving traffic, nurturing leads, and ultimately converting customers. But firstly –to build a successful email list–, we’ll need to have an effective email capture landing page that entices visitors to subscribe.

But what’s an email capture landing page?

It’s a web page designed to offer something of value to visitors to collect their email addresses. Such as an ebook, a discount code, or exclusive content.

In this blog post, we’ll explore 10 examples that showcase creative approaches for optimizing conversions. Whether you want to increase your email list size or improve your lead generation. These examples will inspire you with actionable tips and insights. So, without further ado, let’s dive in! 👇

What Is an Email Capture Landing Page?

An email capture landing page is designed to collect visitors’ email addresses in exchange for a valuable offer. Therefore, an email capture landing page aims to convert website visitors into email subscribers, which allows you to build a targeted email list that you can use later on for email marketing campaigns.

These kinds of landing pages typically have a simple layout with a concise message that highlights the offer’s value proposition. The page’s design should be visually appealing and easy to read. The call-to-action (CTA) button should be action-oriented. And clearly state what the visitor will get for submitting their email address.

Email capture landing pages should also be optimized for mobile devices. Additionally, including social proof, such as testimonials or reviews, can help build trust and credibility with visitors. Overall, an email capture landing page is a powerful tool for building your email list and growing your business.

Examples to Build Your Own Email Capture Landing Pages

According to GetResponse, the average open rate for a welcome email is 82%. And unlike other marketing strategies, emails can be personalized, generating 50% higher open rates. Additionally, according to Omnisend, reminding visitors about their abandoned cart items using a 3-email sequence can result in 69% more orders.

Now, to help inspire you in building your own effective email capture landing pages, let’s take a look at some successful examples from a variety of industries 👇

#1: Hillary Weiss

Hillary Weiss’ is a renowned creative director and her project’s website has an email capture landing page, which is displayed prominently on the homepage.

Here are some elements that contribute to the effectiveness of her landing page. Firstly, the compelling headline –which communicates the value of the offer and how it can benefit visitors–. Also, it has a clear and concise copy, strong social proof, and a visible CTA.

hillary weiss creative director

#2: Morning Brew

On Morning Brew‘s homepage, email capturing appears several times and in very visible ways for visitors. Firstly, there’s a subscribe button right in the upper bar. And just below there’s another one with an attractive headline that reads “Become smarter in just 5 minutes”. This is just not a compelling copy. It also communicates shortly and clearly what the product’s aim isto inform readers.

Morning Brew’s webpage also features a minimalist design with a clear hierarchy that directs visitors’ attention to the CTA button:

morning brew email list landing page

#3: People I’ve Loved

People I’ve Loved is an art project founded by artist and illustrator, Carissa Potter. The webpage is e-commerce. So Clarissa’s goal is to sell products to readers and people who follow her on social media.

Her email capture landing page’s headline is a CTA where she offers her potential subscribers a discount on their first order.

people i've loved email list landing page

#4: Money With Katie

Money With Katie‘s landing page is somewhat simple. She introduces herself and her finance newsletter, making it clear she’s speaking to young people who’re striving to learn more about personal finance, financial independence, and upgrading your lifestyle.

She also has an attractive headline “Personal finance hot takes you’ll enjoy”.

This copy includes current vocabulary, while also trying to assure her potential readers her newsletter will be short and sweet, without complicated words or concepts.

money with katie finance newsletter

#5: Money Scoop

What’s noteworthy about Money Scoop‘s email capture landing page is its compelling copy, attracting users with a question while highlighting the value of their daily newsletter: “Want to get smarter about your money?” The page includes social proof in the form of a “Join over 350k people” statement, which can help to build trust and credibility with visitors.

#6: Marie Forleo’s B-School

Marie Forleo’s B-School waitlist landing page is a great example of how to use scarcity and urgency to encourage visitors to sign up for your email list.

The page features a clear headline that communicates the value of B-School, a persuasive copy that highlights the benefits of the program, and a visible CTA button that encourages visitors to join the waitlist.

marie forleo's b-school waitlist

#7: Latin American News Dispatch (LAND)

In Latin American News Dispatch‘s case, they decided to give a small explanation to readers about what their newsletter’s about. In addition –at a time when many of us are bombarded by e-mails every day–, it’s great that they clarify the day and time that you receive it in your mailbox.

Latin American News Dispatch (LAND) newsletter

#8: Templatery

Templatery‘s email capture landing page is a simple example of an effective email capture landing page. The page features a clear and attention-grabbing headline that communicates the value of their templates. And the CTA button is prominently displayed in a contrasting color that draws the eye.

The page also includes social proof in the form of a customer testimonial –or feedback from clients–, which helps to establish credibility and build trust with potential subscribers.

#9: Sage Polaris

Sage Polaris is an expert in copywriting, and although the top of her page isn’t unlike the previous examples, she piques users’ curiosity with an interesting hook. Then she explains the importance of improving the open rate before calling to action.

sage polaris' email capture landing page

But if you visit her site, you’ll see it’s much longer than that. What else does she cover on her email capture page?

A short blurb about who the page is for, some information about how to use the templates, testimonials, and a section introducing herself and explaining why you can trust her expertise. Also, there’s a more detailed description of the benefits you can expect from using these email templates.

#10: Sandy Viteri

Sandy Viteri‘s email capture landing page consists of a simple opt-in form with a one-line description of the benefit she’s offering. Her headline also describes the desired outcome of taking her online course: launching your video podcast and doubling your audience in 60 days.

sandy viteri's podcast
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