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There are many crypto groups to learn about the topic and interact with like-minded people. Here, you will find a comprehensive list of crypto Discords, including a brief description to know what each is all about. All crypto Discord servers on this list are active and ready for you to join!


DeFi LATAM is an Argentinian group of crypto professionals and enthusiasts. Members communicate in Spanish and organize in-person gatherings (usually in Argentina) once a month. However, you can also join if you live in another country since DeFi LATAM has two online groups (on Discord and Telegram). Additionally, they also organize weekly topic-based calls.

The community focuses heavily on education and provides members with many resources to learn about cryptocurrency and decentralized finances. Moreover, DeFi LATAM is completely free to join and it has over 2,500 members who are eager to discuss crypto topics with others.

DeFi LATAM offers educational tutorials on many different crypto topics, such as blockchains, protocols, exchanges, and wallets.

#2 Trade Hub

Trade Hub is a community for investors to discuss crypto, futures, and the stock market. This community focuses the most on helping members to become better traders. By joining, you will enter a Discord server with other 10,000+ members from all over the world who enjoy learning and discussing all things investing.

The community offers a premium membership with two different tiers. Premium members can access the community’s elite team of analysts for professional feedback. Likewise, they also enjoy mentorship sessions, group trading lessons, and buy/sell signals based on the analysts’ team technical analyses.

You can also stay as a free member, enjoying discussions with others, tracking your performance as a trader with Trade Hub’s bot, and exploring the community’s educational resources.

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#3 CryptoCurrency

This subreddit (which has over 4,8 million members worldwide) it’s the largest Reddit community on cryptocurrency. By joining, you will be able to participate in daily discussion threads about crypto and AMAs with special guests and crypto experts.

The community has developed the xMOON token, an ERC-20 token on the Rinkeby network. You can earn moons by contributing to the community in relevant ways. On the other hand, CryptoCurrency has two online groups (Telegram and Discord). Both are free and allow you to interact with other crypto enthusiasts and professionals.

#4 Axion Crypto-Community

The Axion Crypto-Community is a free Discord server that gathers thousands of investors from all around the world. It includes a team of analysts who give relevant advice and feedback to members for them to become better traders or long-term investors.

Additionally, the Axion Crypto-Community includes a VIP membership. This gives members access to technical analyses on-demand, buy/sell signals, a premium chat, and other perks. If you are looking to increase your profits and also learn new things about crypto, try this community!

#5 Axion Crypto

Axion Crypto is another of the free crypto Discord groups on this list. This server allows you to discuss crypto and trading with 38,000+ beginners and advanced investors from all over the world. Additionally, the community offers educational resources for both junior and senior traders, guiding specially beginners through the most important crypto concepts they need to understand to succeed.

Moreover, the Axion Crypto Discord server includes a trading chat, where you can find members discussing the latest opportunities in crypto. There are also analysts who share their technical analyses for others to make informed decisions.

#6 Invictus Capital

Invictus Capital is a well-known investment platform that developed the world’s first tokenized regulated crypto funds. The platform has several products that contemplate both short and long-term investors, with varying risk levels.

Besides, you can join Invictus Capital’s online groups. They have both a Discord server and a Telegram group for investors worldwide to gather and discuss blockchains and investing topics. Moreover, the Discord server includes a channel for each Invictus investment product, which allows you to solve problems related to your account and conversate with like-minded investors.

#7 Pixel Joint

Pixel Joint is a free forum for pixel artists to create their own NFTs and share them with the community. Additionally, it includes a Discord server for members to join, discuss relevant topics, and interact with each other.

This community’s a great place to find tutorials and resources to perfect your skills. Moreover, you will be able to participate in weekly challenges, contests, and other activities to network with fellow pixel artists and put your work out there. Likewise, members can post their creations to receive feedback, as well as rate others’ creations.

#8 Odyssey DAO

This community focuses on sharing educational content about Web3. For example, on Odyssey DAO’s website, you will find “learning paths”, which are predefined cohorts organized in chapters to learn topics such as NFTs, DeFi, etc. It’s completely free to join, and it allows you to participate in a Discord server with like-minded people to learn and bounce off ideas.

Odyssey DAO hosts several community calls per week inside the Discord server. In these events, you can join the server’s voice channels to talk live with other members. Additionally, members participate in other events such as webinars, workshops, Q&As, and AMAs with experts.

#9 Cryptotribe

Cryptotribe is a paid four-week program (in Spanish) that teaches beginners the fundamentals of crypto. Students interact with instructors and other students via a Discord server, besides consuming the program’s content and participating in live events.

There are many cohorts thorough the year but seats are limited. Once you participate in the program, y you get lifetime access to the Discord server. Moreover, you can continue to participate in events from the next cohort, such as interviews with experts.

#10 FinFloww

This community focuses on gathering entrepreneurs and investors for them to learn from one another, bouncing off ideas and leveraging each other’s experiences. It’s free to participate in the community’s Discord server, where you will find several channels to discuss crypto, NFTs, and the stock market.

It’s a diverse community, with people with different experience levels in investing topics and who come from different backgrounds. Overall, FinFloww it’s a great community to join if you are looking to expand your professional network and learn by sharing with others.

#11 Doodles

Doodles is a collectibles NFT project. Besides, the community allows those who own Doodles to participate in the project’s decisions and vote.

This community gathers its members on a Discord server. It’s a great place to stay up-to-date on the latest news, share your creations with other NFT artists, and connect with like-minded people. Additionally, it’s the predilect place to buy and sell your collectibles.

#12 Crypto College

Crypto College targets Web3 leaders and NFT enthusiasts who want to learn and build new projects with like-minded people. However, to join you need to buy one of the community’s NFTs.

Your membership includes a one-week course and lifetime access to a Discord server. Overall, Crypto College is for you if you are interested in building DAOs, NFTs, or tokenized communities. You will participate in real-life projects, learn new frameworks and concepts, and interact with others working on exciting Web3 projects.

#13 FWB – Friends With Benefits

FWB is a DAO that allows its members to participate in exciting live events, get top-notch educational content, and join a Discord server. This crypto Discord group allows you to discuss crypto, NFTs, and Web3 in general with like-minded people from all over the world.

To join, you must hold the $FWB token. Two different membership tiers allow members diverse levels of access to the community. Lastly, FWB is heavily culture-centered: you will find many creators inside who like to talk about art and share their work with others. By joining, you can expand your network and participate in local meetups and other events (such as afterparties and dinners).

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#14 Rockedia

Is a Spanish-speaking community to discuss DAOs and crypto, as well as a startup accelerator. You can join Rockedia for free, and inside their Discord server, you will find co-founding opportunities, job listings from different startups, and the latest news and trends that founders should keep an eye on.

The community focuses mainly on DAOs, and the Discord server has many channels to discuss crowdfunding opportunities and other important topics for this specific type of startup. If you don’t talk Spanish, keep in mind that this server also has English-speaking channels.

#15 Cartel

Cartel is a DAO project built on the Solana network. This project has a strong community around it, with members who interact inside a free Discord server. Additionally, this server it’s an awesome marketplace to buy and sell NFTs.

Cartel’s NFTs are 24-bit pixel art human forms, and the community has different ways to reward long-term holders of their $DRUGS token. Indeed, their project has a strong base and they publicly publish the project’s updated roadmap on the community’s website. Overall, it’s a great Discord not only to buy and sell NFTs, but also to discuss NFTs drops, crypto topics, and the Solana blockchain with like-minded people from all over the world.

#16 FLOC

FLOC is an agency that offers design and branding services, but they specialize in Web3 and decentralization. The agency has gathered a community of crypto enthusiasts around it, and now they have three online groups where members discuss Web3 and meet like-minded people.

The main group is a Discord server, although FLOC also has groups on Telegram and Slack (all three are free). Indeed, the Discord server it’s a great place for you to expand your network and meet people to discuss crypto, business, startups, and also design and branding. Additionally, the community regularly organizes interviews with experts, webinars, and workshops.

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#17 Gitcoin

Gitcoin is a big community for software developers that provides funding and education for people to build open-source, decentralized projects. You can join the community’s Discord server for free to interact with fellow developers from all over the world. Gitcoin is also a great place to participate in contests, hackathons, quests, and other collaboration-based projects.

Rewards and payments for the community’s open freelance projects are all made in crypto. Lastly, you can join the community’s Kernel program to learn how to develop decentralized projects in an intensive 8-week period.

#18 Seed Club

Seed Club is an incubator that promotes social token initiatives and other crypto projects. It’s a DAO that gathers many crypto professionals from all over the world. Indeed, the community provides educational content, resources, and an Accelerator Program to help makers leverage Web3 technology.

Additionally, you can participate in a free Discord server. This online group is perfect for members to meet each other, ask questions in the different channels, and organize meetups and other fun events.

There are many more online and offline spaces to meet with other crypto enthusiasts and professionals. Explore our crypto communities directory to find the community you belong to!

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