Here’s Burb, a New Tool to Automate Your Community

Burb is a new community-building automation tool that eliminates the need for complex developer skills. Check it out!

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As community builders, we’re always looking for new tools to give us more time to do what we love most – interact with members. Burb is a new community-building automation tool that eliminates the need for complex developer skills. It also automates the more time-consuming tasks of building your community.

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What Are Automation Tools?

An automation tool is a software program that reduces human intervention in specific tasks and performs them automatically. Basically, these programs usually use cloud computing, structured data, and artificial intelligence (AI) to execute processes with a high level of precision.

These processes and tasks can range from mailing to handling payments and taking care of customer service issues.

automation tools

Automation tools can be used to perform repetitive tasks quickly and efficiently. And therefore increase productivity.

Therefore, these tools can help you automate tasks such as scheduling posts, publishing content on multiple platforms at once, and other of your community management tasks.

When automating these kinds of tasks, you’ll be left with more free time to communicate with your members.

Another key point is that automation tools reduce spam, eliminate duplicate content, manage online discussions, and provide better customer service.

It’s important to highlight that an automation tool should complement your existing efforts, not replace them. Therefore, you should still actively manage your community and monitor your platform regularly!

The key question is: what are the benefits of using an automation tool?

  1. Increased efficiency: automation is all about saving time and making your life easier. With an automation tool like Burb, you can set up automated tasks to handle routine community management duties, such as sending welcome emails or posting content on social media channels. Also, automated workflows also make it easier to deal with members who ask questions or need assistance.
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This frees up your time for what matters most – connecting with community members and building a bond with them.

2. Greater transparency: automation tools also make it easy for anyone who joins your community to see everything that’s happening in real-time. Providing greater transparency to your online group!

3. Consistency: automation helps ensure consistency in messaging and branding across all channels. If you’re using multiple communication channels, an automation tool will help ensure that everyone sees the same message at once!

4. Eliminate human error: automation tools eliminate human error. This means there’s less chance of something going wrong with your community’s operations or policies.

What Can You Do With Burb?

When setting your profile on Burb, the first thing you’ll have to do is to connect an app to get started. Currently, the platform supports, Slack, and Discord.

Once you’ve connected Burb with the community platform of your preference, you’ll have the chance to start using all of its features! These include sending a welcome message and schedule posts or messages.

👋 Managing Members

Once you’re in the Member section, there are plenty of features you can use:

🤗 Setting up an automated welcome message in Slack, Discord, or Circle.

⚙️ Automating member invitations and merging members (you might have a member who uses different email addresses for different apps. You’ll want to merge these members into one profile).

🏷️ Inside the Member section, you’ll find the “Tags” feature. This is a way to save identifying info on a member’s profile. This will be helpful at the moment of automating a task, as you can trigger an automation based on a member tag!

Burb is a new and trendy automation tool

💬 Messaging

In the Messaging section, you’ll find other features such as the possibility of scheduling a message to members (whether it’s a single DM or scheduling a message to send later), sending a DM to multiple members, and scheduling a post.

You can also delete scheduled messages and send emails to your members. To use this last feature, you’ll need to integrate Google Workspace.

📊 Access Community Data & Analytics

Burb also allows community builders and managers to access activity and member engagement metrics via their platform. For example, Circle and Slack allow Burb to access their community data through their API.

Some of the metrics you can explore are “Days Engaged” (how many days users have been engaged within the last 30 days) and “Active Users”, which covers the number of users that have been active in the last 30 days.

💸 Last but Not Least, You Can Access it for Free!

While Burb has the Creator Plan and the Pro Plan, there’s also a Free Plan which gives builders access to plenty of free features. These include member CRM, detailed engagement metrics, up to 100 members, up to 1,000 email-only members, and unlimited automation runs, messages, and posts!

Burb subscription tiers

📲 Community moderation is tough… In fact, it’s one of the most difficult tasks an online community manager can have. Not only do you need to know all the technical aspects of running an Internet forum. But you also need to know how to maintain human relationships.

Managing online communities is not a piece of cake. However, it’s fun if you choose the right automation tool to help you be more efficient, productive, and transparent! 👉 Join communities for community builders.

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