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Online communities play a key role in the digital marketing industry. In these uncertain times, being part of a community is vital for acquiring new knowledge and discovering resources.

Also, communities help beginners keep up to date with trends and find new job opportunities, an essential item when beginning their career in digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Communities: Why Should You Join?

Participating in online communities can bring professionals that work in the same industry together. This will surely have an impact both in work and their personal life. 

From finding peer support, to discovering new job opportunities, and making valuable connections. These are some of the benefits online communities can give digital marketing beginners and specialists.

While the essence of each group might be determined by the industry, some characteristics cross all kinds of communities. Here are some examples ????

Get Inspired

Many digital marketing professionals are freelancers or work in small agencies. Communities are a great chance to connect with colleagues. You can receive feedback, get inspired by their work and even find new clients.

Maybe you’re a freelance worker or an entrepreneur who wants to improve the look and feel of their business’ social media platforms. Or you might be someone who wants to understand how to benefit from the use of digital marketing. Participating in these communities will fuel your creativity with fresh ideas.

Communities Help Create Connections

Online groups are great spaces to meet colleagues from all over the world and build a network. Moreover, since it is online, you don’t need to live nearby. You can meet virtually!

Also, there are thousands of communities with different values and characteristics. That’s why it will be easy for each one to choose the one that most resonates with their way of thinking or with their specialization.

For example, DGMG – Dave Gerhardt Marketing Group’s focus is B2B marketing. However, to join the community RevGenius, one has to be working in marketing, sales, revenue operations, or customer success.

They Boost Your Motivation

Sometimes working on your own can be really challenging. In this sense, communities can serve as channels to motivate each other. Also, they can facilitate problem-solving processes with the help of other digital marketing colleagues. 

In addition, whether you’re an entrepreneur, a project leader, or a freelancer, you’ll also find support channels that will help you keep your goals on track.

Communities Are a Safe Space

Communities are safe spaces to speak about your mental health, too. Work life can be really stressful. So it’s really important to have peers that are going through the same situations to share your problems when you’re feeling down or surpassed.

They Promote Diversity

There are several communities whose goals are to empower minorities and promote diversity. Whether you’re part of a minority or are an advocate for inclusion and diversity, there are hundreds of groups for you! 

Many great groups connect emerging talents with projects and companies who share the same values. Most of these communities focus on women, the LGBT+ community and people of color working in the digital marketing industry.

How To Get a Digital Marketing Job With No Experience

Today, a lot of things can be learned by searching on the internet or directly through real experience in a day-to-day job.

However, there are some tips and advice that will help you if you’re looking for a digital marketing job, but have no experience at all!

Specializing in social media is a great way of getting into the world of digital marketing.
Specializing in social media is a great way of getting into the world of digital marketing.

Work for a Real Business

According to the digital marketing and SEO specialist Neil Patel, working on digital marketing for a real business is the best way to learn about it. Also, before looking for a paid job or selling your digital marketing services, you’ll have to try and do it for yourself.

You can start with one of the many fields that digital marketing includes, such as email marketing or social media marketing.

“When you’re learning digital marketing and you want to get a job, the quicker you can produce results, the better off you are”

Neil Patel

Find a Niche to Specialize In

Now that you’ve chosen one of the fields in which you’ll want to specialize in, you’ll have to find a niche, such as local industries. You could also create your own platform or site and implement what you’ve learned.

Charge Less Than the Agencies and Pro Freelancers

Do your research on how much agencies or freelancers who are already pro in the digital marketing industry are charging. Then, charge a little bit less.

This way, you’ll ensure that at least someone will hire you because of your low cost. You’ll show them over time and practice how much your work is really worth!

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Get Certifications

There are many great courses online, such as the Google Ads certifications, that you can do for free! These will give you a certification that will help you get digital marketing jobs quicker.

Join a Community With a Good Job Board

As we’ve mentioned before, online digital marketing communities have great job boards that offer their members plenty of opportunities. Join the group that best fits you and begin your search.

Best Communities With Digital Marketing Job Boards

Serial Marketers

It has more than 2,500 global members. This group offers a free membership plan which gives members access to a Slack community and plenty of networking opportunities. If you’re looking for a job, they have special channels for members to connect with the right people.

Online Geniuses

This is the biggest digital marketing group on Slack. It offers members free access to Q&A sessions, live events. Also, they count with a special platform -the Talented Network- with plenty job searches and opportunities.


This free digital community has more than 800 members in Slack. It’s focused on hack marketing, sales, and experience fast growth. Also, if you’re interested in finding job opportunities linked to copywriting, UX, web development, and design, this is your space!


With more than 17,000 members, RevGenius is a free Slack group for marketing and sales specialists. The community’s job board will allow you to connect with colleagues and projects that are looking to hire professionals. Also, it is the best place to network and meet like-minded people.

DGMG – Dave Gerhardt Marketing Group

This one is a Facebook group that gathers professionals working on B2B marketing. To join this particular community, members-to-be have to a monthly subscription of $10. However, once you’re in, you’ll find a job board with more than 100 open positions and connect with top big companies looking to hire digital marketing specialists.

Resources To Kickstart Your Career

Once you’ve decided you want to create your path in the digital marketing industry, you’ll need some resources to kickstart your career. Here are some free recommendations ????

Google’s Online Marketing Challenge

It’s one of the best resources for beginners as it gives students real-world experiences. It gives them the opportunity to work with nonprofit organizations and classes are taught by pro marketing panelists.

Social Media 101

This one is a course offered by Constant Contact and it teaches people in a step-by-step dynamic how to build their social media presence. If you’re looking to specialize in social media marketing, this is your course!

HubSpot Academy

It offers various courses for digital marketing beginners. From growth marketing to advertising, this free platform provides webinars, guides, and marketing templates, like calendars to help you calendarize your social media posts.

Google Skillshop

It’s Google’s official platform where marketing beginners can learn how to use the company’s products (Waze, Google Analytics, and Google My Business, among others). This platform is great for beginners and advanced professionals, too. And you can get a certification!

Communities can be a great space for digital marketing beginners to find their first paid job, get inspired by colleagues, and stay updated with the latest trends. They’ll also find guidance, or just do their own thing with some company.

Curated groups will give professionals the chance to participate in welcoming and respectful spaces where all members share a common purpose. Explore the best online communities in digital marketing to enhance your career and connect with colleagues in your field.

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