How to Improve SEO Using Reddit [8 Strategies]

You probably know that Reddit can boost website referral traffic and that sharing on social media is an important SEO principle. But how does Reddit impacts your SERPs rankings? In this post, we'll explain how an effective Reddit SEO strategy works.

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You probably know that Reddit can boost website referral traffic and that sharing on social media is an important SEO principle. But how does Reddit impacts your SERPs rankings?

In this post, we’ll explain how an effective Reddit SEO strategy works. Also, we’ll give you ideas for harnessing the power of Reddit to improve your rankings and drive more organic traffic to your website or community.

Does Reddit Help With SEO?

Reddit is a social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website where people can post links to interesting articles or news stories on any topic. It has over 1.2 billion users, crowning itself as the tenth most popular website in the US. Therefore, it’s certainly not just for cat lovers!

It’s common to think that Reddit is only good when it comes to getting more referral traffic to your website. But the truth is that it must be part of your off-page SEO strategy if you want to boost organic traffic. So yes, Reddit is definitely good for SEO, and I’ll explain why in the next lines.

By default, Reddit links are nofollow, which means it doesn’t affect your page authority and it does not count for improving SERPs rankings directly. Still, it’s worth mentioning that it might count as a social signal.

But there’s a chance to turn your nofollow link to a dofollow link that passes link juice from Reddit to your site. The only secret here is to share only high-quality and curated content to create engagement. If your content is good enough to get upvotes and comments, chances are you’ll get a dofollow link.

How to Improve Google Search Rankings With Reddit

#1: Offer Unique Content

Subreddits are spaces where people join to discuss a particular topic, and it’s common to find experts in their fields there. You can’t just come up with a shallow post and expect to be loved by the community. It won’t happen, and you’ll have to deal with downvotes if you dare to do something like that.

If you really want to get those upvotes (and referral visits to your website), you have to invest in producing unique and honest content.

#2: Do Keyword Research

We already discussed the importance of creating good content. But what content are your ideal users looking for? Researching keywords and looking at what your competitors are publishing can give you great ideas. Remember, more important than stuffing your content with keywords is that the content matches users’ search intent and provides them with real value.

Keyword research is a crucial aspect of a good Reddit SEO strategy. In short, it’s about finding keywords related to your niche that your ideal audience might use when they perform search engine queries.

When doing keyword research, you need to choose a tool to analyze different keywords. You need to consider search volume (the number of searches for that keyword in a month) and difficulty (how hard it is to rank in organic search results for that keyword).

If you run a blog, a great strategy is to search for competitive and high-volume keywords related to your original posts. You can use these search terms to start a discussion on Reddit around a similar topic, avoiding cannibalization by targeting different search intents but by relating them with links. By doing this, you will get the chance to rank for a difficult term using Reddit, and if you use this post to link your website, you can boost your traffic for sure.

#3: Stay Active

You can also improve your SEO by becoming an active Redditor. Post, comment, and upvote regularly. Some of the do’s to become and stay active on Reddit are:

👋 Comment and post frequently (at least once a day). If you have nothing to say, you should not be posting.

🚀 Upvote helpful or valuable posts that are relevant to your niche.

😃 Upvote funny posts, but only if they’re relevant to your niche.

#4: Optimize Your Titles for SEO

If you optimize your Reddit titles for SEO, your content will be found by more users and will probably rank higher on SERPs for your target keywords. Also, posts with questions receive the most comments, but the ones without questions receive the most upvotes. In addition, post titles between 60 and 80 characters receive the most upvotes.

Anchor text is the text that points to a link. For example, “join a marketing community” has an anchor text which is “marketing community” and points to our directory of online communities for marketers. As you can imagine, anchor text has to be optimized to boost your SEO efforts. The key is thinking about which text can I use to describe the content of the page I’m linking to?

A good practice is to partially include the target keyword of the page you’re linking to, which should be descriptive enough to anticipate your audience about the type of content they can expect by clicking the link.

Don’t underestimate the importance of building relationships with influential Redditors who are already active in the community. This could help you establish yourself as an authority figure and increase the chances of getting positive feedback from other users too!

#7: Find Relevant Subreddits & Subscribe

The next step is finding relevant subreddits. You can do this by using search operators. A subreddit search operator is a query string that tells Google what kind of results you want. And how they should be sorted. Using these operators will help you find the best-suited subreddits for your content plan.

#8: Find a Topic & Write an Answer Post

If there is a hot topic happening in the news right now or something that’s trending on social media (like Game of Thrones), you can write an answer post that provides helpful information on the topic and includes links back to your site.

🚀 This will help you get more traffic from people who are actively looking for information on these topics!

SEO is a complex but crucial aspect of building a community. Today we have looked at some ideas that will help you increase your community’s visibility and drive organic growth through a Reddit SEO strategy. Hope they helped you! Keep reading 👉 5 SEO Principles and Best Practices to Grow Your Community

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