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Software developers don’t always need code to create amazing and unique products. Today’s tools can make it possible for entrepreneurs to build their startups ideas with nocode at all, using drag-and-drop interfaces, prebuilt templates, and other visual-development tools.

But it’s hard to work in isolation. Even when some feel more focused while working by themselves, it’s essential to have a network of people you can work with to share your challenges and ask for help when you’re feeling stuck. Online nocode communities are places to work along with other developers, designers, or clients who can offer valuable feedback. Besides, they work as spaces where you can find co-founders and meet collaborators who will change the course of your business.

In todays’ post, you’ll find the best nocode communities that are worth joining.


Their members are joining to create innovative apps, templates, and communities using resources designed to accelerate the launching process. It’s a free and friendly space to expand your reach and meet new makers in in-person and virtual meetups.

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Want to build trending products but have no experience? Even if you don’t have a solid idea yet, it’s a good place to start building along with other makers who believe learning by doing is the most effective way to create stunning products. They have a monthly membership and hosts a program where you’ll be able to launch a new product every month.

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Nocode HQ

It’s kind of a social media for no-coders. The community offers several resources to begin building today, from step-by-step tutorials and templates to experts available for a 1:1 assistance session. Inside the network, you can take advantage of spaces to showcase your work, share your progress and ask for feedback to improve. As is an invite-only free community, you can be sure there would only be interesting people in the room and avoid spammy groups.

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No Code Alley

It’s a one-stop destination to get answers and feedback for your no-code roadblocks. They run in a private Slack group and a self-hosted network where you can participate in building in public channels, discover new job opportunities and discuss innovative ideas. You can join them for free to learn from your peers and solve problems together.


It’s a platform that helps even beginners to materialize their ideas, with no coding knowledge required at all. You’ll find other creators facing similar challenges and sharing what they have learned. They have tutorials, mini-courses, and even a bootcamp program to launch your ideas in a supportive group of experts. They have a free membership option with limited features, which makes it perfect for those who are just starting in the no-code world.

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Open Coffee Clubs

It’s a community where you can discuss business and entrepreneurship. You can share your struggles, get feedback from the community, and refine your products using peers’ wisdom. You can take advantage of this group to connect with experienced business owners and attend regular virtual meetings to build new bondings. 

We Are No Code

They target startup founders. Their community helps creators launch and scale their startups through practical activities and intensive programs. They meet weekly in remote coaching sessions and lay on peer support to turn ideas into profitable creations. To gain your spot in the group there’s a one-time fee you have to pay, but it gives you lifetime access to participate in the self-paced program. As a bonus, members receive exclusive perks and discounts for top industry tools.

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If you’re a Spanish-speaker no-code developer, you can’t miss this virtual group to take your ideas to the next level. They have masterminds, expert-led talks, and feedback sessions to nurture your journey with actionable training. The community has a yearly fee to accept new members and includes a spot in a Slack space where you can stay updated 24/7.

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Pixel Geek

Their philosophy is to be a space where you can be honest and transparent without feeling judged. They join no-code developers from diverse backgrounds and skill levels to create a diverse community of makers. Through coaching sessions and peer support networks, you’ll surely experience fast growth in your product launching. They have different memberships options to offer, allowing you to access regular meetings to get useful feedback and participate in your peers’ building process.

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The Maker School

They offer a paid fellowship program and a free Discord community to sharp your no-code skills. Members participate in live rooms, sessions, and hangouts to connect with makers and build in public. It’s a great space to promote yourself and discover new trending tools before anyone else. As a member, you’ll also find channels with job opportunities and shared feedback.


With 3,900+ active members in the community, they offer a space to get inspired by other makers and improve their ideas collectively. As a member, you can access tutorials and tricks to build your ideas effortlessly. They have a free membership but the pro option includes a spot in AMAs with experts willing to guide your building process.


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100 Days of No Code

This no-code community provides tools and resources to help entrepreneurs. People share ideas and collaborate, and it’s a place where honesty and support are valued above everything else. Premium members get to access a private Slack group, participate in exclusive courses and learn through workshops and masterminds. What makes them different is their 100 days challenge, where participants cultivate no-code habits to face any project in mind.

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No Code Founders

The community connects aspiring creators with successful founders in AMAs, virtual meetups, and events. They have a once-in-a-lifetime fee to access which includes perks and the possibility of testing no-code tools before anyone else. Members stay in touch in Slack channels, engaging with other founders to discover how to make the best of their ideas. If you have a specific question or just looking for industry insights, there are over 8,000 members in Slack, so chances of finding an answer are quite high in this group.

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The community is a perfect place for people who want to automate their work, either to start a new business or don’t have the time or willingness to learn how to code. With targeted courses, you can learn how to build plenty of products without writing a single line of code. As a free member, you can participate in a community forum to ask for the community’s help, but for accessing the whole courses library and joining the private community they charge a membership fee.

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Another option for Spanish-speakers developers. They have a free community hosted in Circle to support makers in their launching process and facilitate engagement. With bootcamps and video tutorials, they offer learning opportunities to put hands-on work and launch your products faster than ever. It’s a great community for those who are looking to rapidly learn and materialize their ideas.  

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They host a free Spanish community in Slack. Here, you’ll find help to learn how to use top no-code tools and implement growth hacking techniques to exponentially grow your products. In addition, you can hire a paid mentorship service to receive expert support on Airtable and Webflow. Inside the community, there are several channels to network, meet new people, and share feedback with peers.

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The community also targets Spanish-speaker builders. It’s a hub where you can get and share feedback, ask for help, and stay accountable. As a member, you’ll also find resources and tools to set up your ideas easily and a full schedule of courses designed to accelerate your success.


Their members are mostly founders and bootstrappers in search of speeding up the building process for web or mobile apps. The community has access to a forum that allows you to ask questions and help others. Additionally, there is a slack channel and a telegram group to keep you connected 24/7.

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Although mastering tools like Bubble or Airtable might seem hard work, finding the best nocode communities is the key to finding inspiration, support, and investment opportunities.

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