Best Slack Groups and Discord Servers for UX Designers

ux designer community
ux designer community

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If you’re in UX and want to stay up to date with the latest events and insights in the design community, you must take a look at our list of the best UX Slack groups and Discord servers to find networking, peer-learning, and access to exclusive job opportunities to grow your career 👇

List of 8 Active Slack and Discord UX Groups

Looking for a UX design community? It’s time to get to know the best ones. Then, you’ll be able to find your place of daily inspiration and support.

Each community has its own rules and activities. Some of them provide job opportunities, resource libraries, virtual and in-person events, conferences, exclusive memberships, and more.

Here we’ll show you some of the best Slack channels and Discords servers to join if you’re a UX designer 👇

UX Slack Channels To Improve Design Skills

If you’re searching for fresh and new design skills and perspectives, these are the communities for you:

Design To Be

This UX design free server has diverse training sources and the support of a big creative community. Also, when joining this UX design Slack group you’ll receive invitations to exclusive events. You’ll find job opportunities and have the chance to network with colleagues too.

Content + UX

This is a thriving and free design Slack community with over 10,000 content and UX professionals. It has been active since 2015. The server has an enormous content library with resources -both free and paid- where designers can learn more about content strategy. Also, you’ll learn more about user experience and how to create an outstanding portfolio.


This community’s goal is to make projects more accessible and inclusive. More than 500,000 designers, web developers and product managers from companies of all sizes have used the tools provided by this free Slack group. If you’re looking for tips, advice or resources on how to make your project accessible for everyone, this is your community!

Where To Find UX Designer Jobs

Creative Huddle

While most of the Slack UX design servers provide job opportunities, if your main goal is to find a great designer job, Creative Huddle is the right fit for you. It’s important to say that this community is open to everyone. You can join no matter your skill level, expertise, or your industry. And it’s free!

It has more than 1,550 members from around the world. This server is good for getting design and user experience advice. It’s also great for expanding your professional network or finding UX designer jobs.

There’s one Slack channel, “Help”, where members can post their resume, cover letter, or portfolio to get reviewed by other professionals. You can also visit the “Job Board” to find your next dream UX design job.

Spaces To Connect With UX Designers

Design Leadership Community

Slack offers web developers and UX/UI designers many opportunities to chat and connect with each other. It has plenty of networking spaces and events. However, the Design Leadership Community is focused only on professionals in leadership roles.

With over 1,000 around the world, it has threads both in English and Swedish. It provides the space for leaders to share experiences, feedback and advice with colleagues.

Also, twice a year this community of creative leaders gather in person or virtually. This particular group requires a fee to join.

The paid membership costs 8$ per month or $67 per year.

Where To Find Web Designers To Hangout

Designer Hangout

If you want to hangout with web designers and developers, you can join the 18,000 professional community Designer Hangout. In this group, you’ll even find a local channel for in-person meetings and support. 

As this group takes the quality of its members very seriously, while the membership’s free, the people who want to join have to fill an admission form.

Once you get accepted, you will have access to a vibrant community of creatives.

UX Discord Servers

Apart from Slack, you can also join servers and communities for UX/UI designers and web developers in Discord.


This one is a free community focused in women UX and UI designers and developers. Inside the server, there are multiple channels to share interests and hobbies, support each other and network with other women in the tech. You’ll also find a job board with plenty of career opportunities and a resource library.

Web Dev and Web Design

This Discord server has over 30,000 members and is one of the largest dev communities. In its many channels, users will be able to discuss programming, accessibility and have access to plenty of job opportunities. There are also spaces where design professionals can request feedback and participate in online events.

Working in UX can sometimes feel lonely, and trends change fast in this uncertain times. These are some of the reasons why joining communities for professionals from your same industry can help you feel more connected and supported. Also, it will keep you up to date with insights from the industry!

That’s why today we listed the best best UX Slack groups and Discord servers, to help you connect with the best online spaces inside the UX design community!

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