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seo online communities and forums
seo online communities and forums

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Search engine optimization -better known as SEO– is the practice of increasing both the quantity and quality of traffic to a website. In addition, it seeks to increase the exposure of your personal or professional brand through organic (i.e., non-paid) search results.

Knowing about SEO takes practice, a lot of trial and error, and doing plenty of research on the Internet. Also, people who work in SEO suggest talking to specialists, searching the Internet for information from SEO referents, joining online communities in your field, and participating in forums to keep updated on the latest trends.

💡 Keep reading to find the best free and paid online communities and forums if you’re seeking to become an SEO master!

Benefits of Using SEO Forums

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To become an SEO expert you need to be constantly learning new things and updating yourself on the latest trends. That’s why it’s great to be part of a forum or online community!

From having access to free and reliable information, to getting peer support and plenty of job opportunities. These are some of the reasons why you should start using SEO forums! 👇

Get Free Information

One of the main benefits of joining a forum is that most of them are free. This means that as a member, you’ll get access to valuable information without having to pay for it. Also, as many SEO experts say, some of the best information about this digital marketing technique can be found on the Internet for free, as most of SEO professionals browse and post frequently in online forums and communities.

As everything digital, SEO techniques and trends move fast. That’s why it’s important to try and keep updated on the latest changes and ideas. And forums are a great space for people who are looking to continuously fuel their creativity and processes with fresh ideas.

SEO planning is important because things change. Fast.

Neil Patel, SEO specialist

Build a Network

Forums are great spaces for professionals to meet like-minded colleagues. If you’re seeking support and looking to connect with people who also work in SEO, you should consider becoming an active member in an online forum.

Building new friendships is a powerful tool to energize your creativity!
Building new friendships is a powerful tool to energize your creativity! Credit: storyset.

Also, many SEO specialists are freelancers or work from home. Working on your own can sometimes make you feel lonely. So if you need online buddies or even feedback on your work or SEO strategy, become part of an online forum too!

Get Access to New Job Opportunities

Many of the forums and communities have job boards with plenty of opportunities.

That’s why these online spaces are great for you. Be it that you’re starting your way in the SEO world, looking to change the path of your professional career, or just searching for new projects or clients to add to your portfolio.

Discover Training Opportunities

Forums and communities’ targets are usually professionals working in specific industries and lines of business. That’s why they often offer specialized academic and learning programs such as courses, workshops, and tutorials. Also, they generally grant members access to guides and books with plenty of resources.

Top SEO Forums and Networks

Now that you know the pros of becoming part of an online SEO community and participating in forums, let’s check out which one’s the best for YOU.

The Best SEO Forums


Moz is one of the most relevant SEO platforms in the industry. It offers plenty of SEO tools such as keyword research, link building, site audits, and page optimization. The platform also has learning resources and programs to teach beginner and advanced professionals about the latest trends and techniques in the SEO business.

Moz's online forum has more than 500,000 active members.
Moz’s online forum has more than 500,000 active members.

Last but not least, Moz has a forum with more than 500,000 members called the Moz Q&A Forum. There, you can get insights and engage in discussions with colleagues.

Warrior Forum

This one’s a space for professionals working in digital marketing. It has more than 20 open forums where active members can clear their doubts on topics related to SEO, social media, and copywriting. It also has a marketplace and a learning section where members can get access to multiple resources, and trendy information and ideas.

You can join for free, or sign up for the paid membership that costs $97 per year.


Reddit’s one of the largest discussion websites. And it has its SEO forum for professionals looking for feedback, advice, and -why not- support!

Google Search Central Help Community

Google has its official community, where SEO specialists and professionals can get the best answers for their daily issues. So far in February 2022 alone, there are already more than 3,300 posts and more than 700 threads on diverse topics surrounding digital marketing.

The Best Communities & Networks for SEO Professionals

Blogging for Devs

It’s a group for blog writers who are searching for new career opportunities and seeking help with a strategy to monetize their blog. If you’re looking to engage in conversations with colleagues, searching for job opportunities to grow in your career, or find collaborators for your projects, this might be the right community for you!

It’s a paid group and costs $150 per year, and it has more than 350 members. There’s also a lifetime membership that costs $300.

The Utopia

When you first enter The Utopia website, you discover that it’s a unique and innovative marketing community. In the menu, the first thing the community asks you to do is to select the group you want to join (or as they call it, your path): the one for e-commerce brand owners, the one for freelancers and agency owners, or the one that says that you’re still trying to find your way.

Once you’re a member of this community, you’ll have access to more than 30 courses, 4,500 strategy posts, weekly strategy calls, and multiple Discord and community chats.

To become a member, you have to pay $25 per month or $149,99 a year.

SEO for the Rest of Us

This group focuses on beginner SEO professionals who are seeking to learn more about its techniques but do not necessarily want to become an expert in the subject. It offers resources, blog posts, and several paid courses and training programs. They also offer unlimited lifetime access to a 5-day challenge that -they assure- will bring you “real SEO results”.

You can become a member for $47 a month, or choose the yearly membership plan for $372. 

Search Mentors

This online paid community describes itself as a “reliable place to get digital marketing help”. Search Mentors has a Slack channel where you can network with colleagues, have access to multiple digital marketing resources, and become an expert in SEO and SEM campaigns. Its members go from freelancers to small agencies and in-house digital marketing professionals.

The membership costs $39 per month or $399 per year. Once you’re a member, you’ll have access to an exclusive SEO course and content.

Local SEO

The Local SEO Community is a free group for those looking to discuss local SEO and Google My Business strategies. Members will also receive tips, advice, and access to multiple resources. The community’s targets are both freelancers or small agencies, as well as experts and bigger business owners.

Online Geniuses

Online Geniuses is one of the top communities for marketers on Slack. With more than 30,000 members, it offers Q&A sessions with experts, plenty of resources, a friendly environment to network with colleagues. Also, in this group, you’ll find undeniable talent if you’re searching for a consultant or a full-time employee.

While members can join for free, for those seeking to spice up their digital marketing career, there’s a $60 monthly membership available.

Woman in Tech SEO

This community’s a support network aimed at women in the technical SEO field. It’s an open and friendly space to discuss, share and learn from each other. Women in Tech SEO’s goal is that women who are part of this community empower each other in an inspiring and beneficial way. And help build a network and accelerate each other’s careers.

The group invites freelance SEO specialists, agencies, and business owners. In short, it welcomes women professionals in every stage of their technical SEO career!

They have a podcast, plenty of resources, a monthly newsletter with the latest news and trends from the SEO industry, and much more. Also, the Women in Tech SEO Festival will be carried out on February 25, 2022, in London, with 10 talks from 10 speakers (the tickets are already sold out!).

Subscribe to their monthly newsletter and follow Women in Tech SEO on social media to not miss their events!
Subscribe to their monthly newsletter and follow Women in Tech SEO on social media to not miss their events!


This one’s a Spanish-speaking community for those who want to build an online business and learn everything about SEO techniques.

While you can access the Telegram group for free (it has more than 1,600 members) and listen to a weekly podcast, there’s also a fuller paid membership that costs $32 per month. The community also has the option of doing a one-time payment of $123.

Café y Negocios

Café y Negocios is a free weekly newsletter where subscribers have access to content and resources, written in the words of Tomás Alonso. More than 1,900 Spanish-speaking entrepreneurs, creators, and digital marketing specialists, and professionals read this newsletter, which’s full of data about SEO, copywriting, and marketing.

If you like the newsletter’s content, you can interact and network with readers via the Café y Negocios Twitter account. The Café y Negocios’ founder also created a brand new web page with free resources and information about plenty of topics such as SEO, sales, product management, and business growth.


This one’s a community focused on professionals, and seeks to generate connections between colleagues. Among their goals, Bizmentum founders list:

  • The ability to connect with like-minded professionals who are looking to do business.
  • Give both free and paid resources, tools, and information members need to succeed in their career or business.
  • Generate conversation.
  • Give a great and mobile-friendly experience.

Bizmentum has two plan options: a free plan, and a paid membership called Connex+ which costs $12 per month or $97 annually.

SEO Training Programs

Apart from giving SEO professionals a space to network, these two communities also offer members exclusive learning and training programs. Check them out!

SEO for the Rest of Us

Among the paid programs this community offers, there are courses, workshops, and challenges to rank and convert your website. The prices go from $97 to $7,000 (which is a 12-month challenge).

Traffic Think Tank

Traffic Think Tank (TTT) is an accelerator for professionals who work with SEO. They invite freelancers, in-house SEO specialists, and agencies to join a community that offers training to learn new skills, network with colleagues, and accelerate their careers.

They offer courses for beginner, intermediate, and advanced professionals. And they include training on local SEO, keyword research, international and technical SEO, content marketing, SEO automation, and how to run an agency.

TTT offers plenty of courses and resources for SEO professionals!
TTT offers plenty of courses and resources for SEO professionals!

They have two membership options: the Self-Guided Learning, which costs $99 per month (or $999 per year), and The Full Accelerator, which costs $119 per month (and $1,190 yearly).

So if you want to become an SEO master, or just get to know more about this approach to make your website take off, these are some of the best SEO communities and online forums!

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