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virtual coworking is the future of work

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COVID led us to rethink the way we work. Today, as the world is opening up again, plenty of people are choosing not to return to their in-person offices. Instead, they’re loving the freedom and flexibility of freelancing and remote work kind of life. There’s no doubt that virtual coworking will be essential in the future of work.

In this post, we’ll explore how a virtual workspace works, and list the best 15 online communities with virtual coworking spaces.

Remote working
Networking and professional connections are necessary! You’re working from home, not alone.

Remote work comes with its challenges. Among them are messages and emails at all hours, no clear start and end to the workday, a lack of structure, and an absence of real human connection.

According to Cigna, 2 in 5 Americans feel isolated in their day-to-day work life. And only 53% of them report having meaningful in-person social contact each day.

These numbers have gotten worse since the pandemic. And isolation is more of a problem since the beginning of COVID. 79% of freelancers are spending more than 50% of their working time working alone. Moreover, 72% say feeling isolated causes them to feel stress, according to the Leapers 2020 Annual Study.

However, most of the people who work from home or are digital nomads wouldn’t have it any other way! And virtual coworking plays a key role. As it’s their goal to provide freelancers a safe and friendly space where they can engage in meaningful conversations, receive peer support, and structure.

How Do Online Coworking Spaces Work? 👩‍💻

There are plenty of virtual coworking spaces on the Internet, but there’s something that they all have in common. That you can work from wherever you are, such as your house, a hotel room, or a hostel’s common room. All you need is a good Wi-Fi connection and a laptop or tablet.

Also, some online coworking platforms simulate real-life working spaces with the goal of providing a focused workplace and a professional community. In these kinds of online working spaces, you have to virtually sit at a specific desk, go to virtual locations to have meetings, and interact with colleagues as you would do in person.

Traditional Coworking Spaces 🏫 vs Flexible Online Offices 🖥️

Traditional coworking space
While traditional coworking spaces are great, virtual platforms provide the same sense of community and other benefits, but with no interruptions or physical barriers (i.e, moving to a specific location).

Traditional coworking spaces offer self-employed and freelancers the possibility to interact with others, enjoy coffee, or have the chance to use a printer. However, virtual coworking spaces give you other benefits too! These include boosting your accountability and productivity without interruptions or physical barriers, cloud storage, and transparency in the business.

Also, virtual coworking platforms usually have a low maintenance cost, compared to traditional ones. The second ones may have higher costs. As you might have access to some amenities, such as coffee, wi-fi connection, a physical space to work, and more.

To conclude, flexible online offices are great! You can have every benefit that comes from working from home –more time, flexibility, comfort, freedom-. But with the addition of peer support, feedback, and day-to-day connection and accountability.

Best 15 Virtual Coworking Spaces 💡

There are plenty of benefits that come from working from home. However, remote work can be hard on your motivation and happiness. According to Gallup, 21% of remote workers name ‘loneliness’ as their biggest challenge. That’s why online communities are building better workdays, and promoting the possibility of working from home, next to other remote workers and digital nomads!

Here are the best coworking spaces to join 👇

  1. Bootstrapped Family
  2. Leapers
  3. Buildspace
  4. Founders Cafe
  5. Order In
  6. Edvo
  7. Afrisplash Remotely
  8. Coworking Online
  9. Digital Nomad Girls
  10. Remote Work Community
  11. RemotelyOne
  12. Service Design Club
  13. FrontendCafé
  14. Cultivate
  15. Remote Work Slack

Bootstrapped Family

Bootstrapped Family is an online community for entrepreneurs and startup founders. It was founded by Guillaume Moubeche, CEO of Iempire, a company that reached a $150 million valuation in just three and a half years. Therefore, Moubeche created this community with the goal of building a safe space for founders. A place where they can build meaningful relationships and find peer support in a competitive and hard business.

In this group, you’ll be able to get answers in the private Discord group from experts and get advice and feedback on those things you’re struggling with. Also, you’ll be able to network with like-minded professionals and industry leaders. In addition, you’ll get access to plenty of resources and job opportunities! And access a virtual coworking private space where you’ll share your workday with others! You’ll have to join a waitlist to join the group.


Leapers is a free online community built focused on supporting freelancers and self-employed’s mental health. It was established in 2017, and the group already has more than 3,500 members from all over the world. Leapers also has plenty of resources destined to bring data, information, and support for the self-employed. In addition, it has a coworking space that runs on Slack, where freelancers can find support, daily inspiration, and human connection.


With more than 50,000 builders and only a 6-month lifetime, Buildspace has become one of the largest web3 communities in the world. So if you want to become a member of this community, you’ll have to create your profile and participate in their Discord group, which works as an online working community! Once you’re a member, you’ll be able to build in web3, earn NFTs, and access exclusive job opportunities in crypto.

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In each Discord channel, professionals and students focus on different web3 projects. However, there’s also a general room and multiple channels where you can also find advice, feedback, and peer support.

Founders Cafe

After feeling isolated and lonely as a self-employed worker and founder, Maddie Wang decided to found Founders Cafe. This community already has more than 120 members, and it costs $50 a month (billed annually). However, the group’s destined exclusively for world-class founders who are seeking to build communities. The virtual coworking space is accessible to members of all time zones so that all members in the same timezone can co-work together. If you want to know more about this community, you can contact Wang via [email protected].

Order In

Order In is a paid community that focuses on providing support, structure, and accountability to freelance and remote workers. To do so, they offer weekly events such as motivation sessions, deep work sprints, hangouts, and a Slack community. The monthly subscription costs $6. However, they are currently not accepting new members until further notice.


Imagine having all the content, data, and information about multiple topics in one single platform? With Edvo, you can! Edvo’s a platform that helps you organize your tasks and the huge amount of information we find on the Internet in one interactive and user-friendly space that imitates a mental model structure. The platform also has a community present in Discord, where every week members join the “Focus Room” channel, which is dedicated to focusing hours. This weekly meeting is sort of a virtual coworking space where members can focus, interact with others via chat, and get their daily work done.

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Afrisplash Remotely

Afrisplash Remotely is an African remote work community that promotes diversity in the global remote workforce through local talents. For instance, the group’s members go from software developers and product managers to sales professionals and content and technical writers. In short, Afrisplash is a great door to both joining a community of like-minded colleagues -if you’re a freelancer-, as to hiring self-employed workers if you’re an agencystartup, or business. This community also has a virtual coworking space that takes place at Slack. It already has more than 2,400 members.

Coworking Online

Coworking Online is a Spanish-speaking community for remote workers and digital nomads. If you’re working remotely, without an office, or have traded the city for the countryside or the sea, you don’t have to do it alone! This is a community of people and online entrepreneurs who help and motivate each other and thrive together. If you feel identified, join Coworking Online’s “Talent Island” for free!

In their virtual coworking space, they provide members training sessions with specialists, access and interaction with live questions, and a round table and virtual networking post-sessions.

Digital Nomad Girls

Digital Nomad Girls is a virtual community for people who identify as women. Certainly, freelancers and remote workers know that the nomad life can get pretty lonely. That’s why DNG provides the space for women to connect, and learn together how to build ethical, sustainable, and meaningful businesses.

In short, DNG provides its members access to three spacesThe Lab is their virtual community for location independent women supporting each other through experimentation, collaboration, and accountability. Then there are the retreats, where members can meet colleagues and like-minded professionals in person, and spend some days together. And a Facebook group, which has more than 30,000 members from all over the world!

Remote Work Community

The Remote Work Community is a group from remote workers, to remote workers, with more than 5,000 members. While freelancers and digital nomads love their freedom to work and live anywhere they want, they also need support and companionship. That’s why a group of remote workers built this community, which offers its members free Slack groups where freelancers can connect with like-minded colleagues from all over the world. They give their members access to meet-ups, collaborative projects, and plenty of channels related to housing, coworking, tips, Wi-Fi providers, and more.


Apart from having a Slack community, RemotelyOne also has an app with which remote workers can say goodbye to isolation, and engage in real-time connections via efficient scheduling! The RemotelyOne application is an event-based relationship app for professionals from all over the world. It has three interfaces to choose from where users can find friends, mentorship, and more. Members will also have the option to choose any form of connection such as in-person, text messaging, phone calls, or video calls. All with real-time matching!

Service Design Club

When becoming a member of the Service Design Club, you’ll join a community with over 2,500 UX and web designers and developers. In this Argentinean-based group, you’ll be able to network and share knowledge in the best way possible: building something together. During the week, members get together to chat, debate, and even play games on the server’s voice channels. They also organize after-office events and have a coworking room.


FrontendCafé is a Spanish-speaking community for people who’re passionate about technology. The group’s goal is to facilitate job placement and personal growth through various initiatives that promote collaboration and knowledge sharing. In short, they offer mentorships, free English classes, collaborative projects, and plenty of events. They also have a Discord server that works as a virtual coworking space!


Cultivate is a community for workers who are passionate and want to make a change within the organizations they work for. It’s a space where members can inspire daily, get insights on multiple topics, and meet like-minded and disruptive people who are seeking to impact the world we live in. Members hang out in Slack, where they participate in virtual activities and programs, such as brainstorming sessions and engage with accelerators.

Remote Work Slack

Remote Work Slack is a paid community with more than 3,500 members from all over the world who connect daily to work in a Slack server. This community offers their members an opportunity to engage with like-minded colleagues and receive peer support through live chats, discussions, and exchanging of fruitful ideas. There’s also a virtual coworking station called “Virtual Cafe”, where members can engage with others via video chat.

Are Remote Teams the Future of Work? 🤝

Although there’s a clear trend towards remote work, we believe that there are two points that need to be explored in greater depth. First, freelancing is not for everyone. There are still many people who prefer to work as employees and the benefits that come with that. Among them, having a secure salary at the end of the month, offices where they can go to work, and concrete tasks to solve, answering to a superior.

Secondly, we see that among digital nomads there’s a clear tendency to isolation and the conflicts that this generates in workers. Therefore, we believe that virtual coworking is part of the future of work for some, specifically, for those who choose to go for flexible work contracts. As it adds the share of collaboration and social encounters that we all need in daily life, both personal and work.

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