Why Is It So Important to Join a Community in Your Field?

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Communities are here to join people around a shared interest or purpose, facilitating online collaboration among like-minded individuals. Nowadays, there are endless networks where members connect to validate ideas, test new software, stay accountable, or simply just chat about random topics. But why should you join a community in your field?

Being part of a network with similar people has multiple benefits you should consider in order to choose the right one:

It saves you time and effort

That’s the beauty of communities, they’re centered on a target niche so you can be sure there would be interesting people in the room. Most of them (both free and paid) offer a direct tunnel between you and your subject-matter experts, allowing you to access useful advice directly. By bringing similar people together, these networking spaces offer a simpler way to support peers walking along the same path.

Business communities, in particular, provide resources to help owners uplevel their skills through coaching sessions, expert-led talks, and personalized support. Successful entrepreneurs around the world are looking for safe and private spaces to open with people who understand their professional and personal journey, without the risks of making their strategies public. It’s all about who’s in the room, and that’s something nowadays communities handle very well.

Be surrounded by the right people

Staying connected with people like us is extremely important to enhance our careers and gain the confidence needed to face everyday life challenges. No matter if you’re wishing to improve your wellness or your professional outcomes, there’s a group of other people aspiring the same.

In a pandemic world where interaction has turned almost completely to online channels, finding your tribe is essential to be inspired by mindset individuals to overcome any barrier.

A lot of members take advantage of their communities spaces to meet new people working in the same field or just sharing the same purpose. There are places exclusively for founders, professionals, climate change activists, and even cats lovers. There’s a whole world of fellowships offering a niche for any kind of interest. With online meetings and virtual events, they engage to reach a common goal laying on collaborative efforts.

If you find your place in the world, it’s guaranteed that you’ll build new connections with people from all over the world… or even within your local community!

Discover curated training opportunities

As communities are targeted to certain people, they often have learning programs with courses, workshops, tutorials, guides, or books to help you work on the skills you need to succeed in your field.

One of the main reasons why people join groups is related to the aspiration of becoming a better professional or grow in their personal life. That’s why communities usually facilitate learning opportunities focused on members’ interests. From accelerators for entrepreneurs to thematic bootcamps and retreats, there’s a diverse range of activities to attend online and in-person where you can brainstorm new ideas with peers who are on the same page.

But the learning journey doesn’t need to stop there. In online communities, members engage in forums and chat rooms to keep learning beyond meetings and training. There are powerful ways to acquire knowledge from engagement and online collaboration throughout discussion channels and one-to-one networking. Just imagine the possibilities of being with inspirational entrepreneurs and professionals in an open space where you can discover new strategies to improve your mindset and achieve success.

Get support to achieve your goals

We all struggle with procrastination and time management issues at some point in life, and that surely can hold us back from reaching our expectations whether they’re professionals or personal-related. But communities are here to help us thrive and be owners of our time and work through small groups called accountability groups. These spaces are designed to check each other progress and help to solve struggles that might appear on your way.

It’s amazing how peer support can impact how we face our challenges and fuel our energy to find a creative way out. It can also serve to learn how to set meaningful goals and improve your outcomes, no matter what you’re expectations are. The activity of checking on with peers is beneficial by itself because it requires responsibility and sets a compromise with your mates, pushing you to take your goals seriously. Besides, these groups of people always foster a friendly and comfortable space, allowing you to openly share your difficulties without feeling judged.

Make your journey less lonely

One of the issues that pandemic carries is loneliness, with all the negative impact it has on our health and wellbeing. The lockdown has shown us we can’t rely just on in-person connections to stay in touch with our folks, and in the middle of global chaos, we need to stick together more than ever.

A lot of people are now working, exercising, and making their lives inside the four walls of their homes, but none of these activities need to be carried forward in loneliness. The positive impact of staying connected through online channels has become crucial to keep ourselves healthier and distended in an uncertain reality.

But you might be thinking, why should I join a niche community if social media platforms are already there? Well… finding a tribe is not that simple as scrolling down on Instagram or joining random (and spammy) Facebook groups.

Communities can be that place you’re looking for to express yourself, find guidance, or just do your thing with some company. And unlike social media, curated groups will give you the chance to participate in a welcoming and respectful space where all members share a common purpose.

At Unita, we know it’s not easy to find your place in the world, and in these times when there are more communities raising every day, we want to help you find that perfect space that will help you improve in the aspects of your life that matter most to you.

That’s why we’re building a platform to connect you with the communities you belong to. Check us out and discover the tribes waiting for you to join today.

Sofia Terlesky

Sofia Terlesky

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