A lo tuyo is an online paid community for people looking to change their lifestyle and make money doing what they are passionate about.

The community opens its doors to digital nomads, entrepreneurs, and other adventurous people.

The membership costs €75/year. It includes weekly webinars, live sessions with special guests, a case study each week, and access to a private community. Additionally, each month, you will meet 4 new people who will share advice and knowledge to get into a new, more enjoyable lifestyle. You will receive information regarding how to do online business and grow as an entrepreneur.

The community gathers in a Telegram group. It allows members to share their learning processes, challenges, and successes. Moreover, you will receive support to answer your questions and grow your projects.


  • Membership: Paid Community
  • Year Founded: 2022
  • Founders:


  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: Spanish
  • Method: Virtual


Participate in webinars:
Each week, the community hosts webinars with expert guests. By the end of the month, you will have met 4 different experts who share their strategies to succeed in doing what you love.

Access case studies:
You will receive weekly case studies to practice what you learn in the webinars. Indeed, it's a great opportunity to find relationships between theory and practice.

Join a private community:
Members access an exclusive, private group on Telegram. It's a communication channel to share learning outcomes, ask questions, and help others in the process of building online businesses.


No requirements.



Members gather in weekly 90-minute webinars. Each one is led by a different expert or special guest. All of them tell their stories and open a space for questions. Moreover, they share strategies and tips to succeed in doing what you love online.

Networking Events

Your A lo tuyo membership includes access to a private Telegram group. It's exclusive to members as it aims to support their learning processes. This online group is used mostly to share questions, doubts, and also advice to help others. Members also deliberate on the content they learn on weekly webinars.

Content Library

Members access weekly case studies. These include strategies, numbers, and business models to find your path. The community also offers its members additional resources such as tools, guides, and tutorials.

Benefits with other companies

A lo tuyo's members receive offers and discounts on useful tools for entrepreneurs to accelerate their path in building a successful online business.

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