Bob Kelley founded Adaptive Business Leaders in 1983. It's a paid, non-profit organization for CEOs and C-level executives from the healthcare and technology industries.

ABL's meetings occur in a roundtable format. The in-person meetings take place monthly in different regions of California, United States.

A group of 12-18 executives composes each roundtable. Participants of the group are in the same industry but in businesses that aren't direct competitors. The confidentiality of the meetings ensures a safe space for business people to discuss their most pressing issues with their peers.

There are 6 roundtables for the healthcare industry, and 3 for the technology industry. Each meeting is an invaluable networking opportunity that allows members to connect and build relationships with key players in their industries.

A professional facilitator guides each roundtable, maintaining the dynamic of the group. Every member is dedicated to sharing their industry-specific expertise and knowledge to help their peers further grow professionally.


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Specific industry expertise
Each member at an ABL's roundtable shares an industry. With roundtables for healthcare and technology industries, the meetings are productive because each participant knows what they are talking about.

Networking opportunities
ABL members periodically met outside roundtables to further deepen conversations, developing strategic relationships with key players in their industry.

Non-competitive space
None of the groups are direct competitors. Their businesses are all across the same industry and complement each other, ensuring a safe space to discuss business topics and build professional development.

Honest feedback and advice
The confidentiality of each roundtable lets each member discuss potential new offerings with their peers. Each member helps each other out on their opportunities and challenges giving feedback and advice based on their specific expertise and background. Peer-to-peer coaching allows executives to leverage the knowledge of their fellow members.

Included in Free Version

In its free version, ABL offers a Healthcare Newsletter and a Technology Newsletter to help businesspeople in these industries to keep up to date. Additionally, you can check their blog and vlog to see more free content from ABL.

  • To lead a company in the healthcare or technology industry.
  • To be a CEO, President, COO, Division GM, or Key Executive with P&L responsibility.
  • To have a minimum of $1 million in annual sales or assets in your business.


    United States

    ABL's round tables take place in regions all across California, United States.

    • Healthcare Round Tables: Orange County, Silicon Valley, San Francisco, East Bay, Los Angeles.
    • Technology Round Tables: Orange County, Los Angeles, West Los Angeles.


ABL's monthly meetings take place in different cities in California, United States. These meetings are facilitated by professionals and are industry-specific, meaning that only CEOs or C-level executives of a certain industry are present.

ABL organizes meetings for executives of the healthcare and the technology industry. On each encounter, a group of 12-18 CEOs of different businesses address their specific concerns and share insights. The peer-to-peer, confidential format ensures that everyone involved can leverage the expertise and knowledge of the other members to further grow their businesses while giving their own feedback and advice to the rest of the group.

Each roundtable serves as an invaluable networking opportunity. The people involved in each meeting are in the same industry, in complementary businesses that aren't direct competitors. This ensures a safe space for each member to share ideas and create strategic plans freely.

The meetings are guided by a professional facilitator that incentivizes a dynamic where everyone can help each other to shorten the learning curves of their industries and to avoid potentially high-cost mistakes.

Learning Events

The community hosts events throughout the year, both in-person and virtual, where they bring expert speakers to discuss relevant topics for community members. These events are excellent learning opportunities to help you grow and evolve as a business leader.

Networking Events

ABL host an annual awards event called Innovations in Healthcare. The last one (2020) was a virtual Zoom event due to the pandemic.

This is the most important event of the year for ABL, but they host other events as well. Since most are in-person events, they constitute an invaluable networking opportunity that will help you expand your professional network by being surrounded by like-minded leaders in an industry-specific setting.


"My biggest benefit from coming to ABL is getting an opportunity to express my concerns, things that I'm dealing with, and getting fantastic feedback from those other members in the group. It's really invaluable information that I couldn't otherwise get." -Chris Dyer


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