Adaptive Business Leaders (ABL) Organization is a membership organization for CEOs and C-level executives from healthcare and technology industries.

ABL's meetings occur in a Round Table format, and are held monthly throughout California and virtually.

A group of 10-18 executives composes each Round Table. These members are in the same industry but in businesses that aren't direct competitors. The confidentiality of the meetings ensures a safe space for business people to discuss their most pressing issues with their peers.

Each Round Table meeting is an invaluable networking opportunity that allows members to connect and build relationships with key players in their industries.

A professional facilitator guides each Round Table, maintaining the dynamic of the group. ABL members are dedicated to sharing their industry-specific expertise and knowledge to help their peers further grow professionally.

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  • Membership: Paid Community
  • Year Founded: 1983
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: In Person, Virtual


Specific industry expertise
ABL is the leading CEO Groups / Executive Forums organization for healthcare and technology business leaders. Its Members are focused on learning strategies, exchanging ideas, and becoming better leaders enabling them to grow their business and outpace their competition.

Networking opportunities
The groups provide industry leaders with confidential forums, educational resources, and networking events. This is the place where C-level executives can leverage market insights, share business advice and best practices, while making deep connections with their fellow Members. ABL is where breakthroughs happen.

Non-competitive space
At each industry-focused CEO-peer Advisory session, Members focus on their corporate and professional growth, as well as industry trends affecting their business niches. Beyond each monthly session, these CEO business leaders continue to network and share their expertise to help accelerate each other’s business growth.

Honest feedback and advice
The confidentiality of each roundtable lets each member discuss potential new offerings with their peers. Each member helps each other out on their opportunities and challenges giving feedback and advice based on their specific expertise and background. Peer-to-peer coaching allows executives to leverage the knowledge of their fellow members.


  • To lead a company in the healthcare or technology industry.
  • To be a CEO, President, COO, Division GM, or Key Executive with P&L responsibility.
  • To have a minimum of $1 million in annual sales or assets in your business.


    United States

    ABL's Round Tables take place in regions across California, as well as virtually.

    • Healthcare Round Tables: Orange County, Silicon Valley, Bay Area, Los Angeles, Virtually from any location.
    • Technology Round Tables: Orange County, San Gabriel Valley, West Los Angeles, Virtually from any location.

Learning Events

In addition to monthly Round Table meetings for members, ABL Organization hosts other events, both in-person and virtual, featuring expert speakers to discuss relevant topics for ABL members. These events are excellent learning opportunities to help members grow and evolve as business leaders.

Networking Events

ABL typically hosts an annual awards event called Innovations in Healthcare, as well as various Focused Workshops.


"The problem I find with [other] groups is there isn’t enough focus to make it worthwhile. That’s why the ABL Healthcare Round Table works so well, we are all in related businesses.” Bob Rose, CEO and Co-Founder, MedWand Solutions

"The best thing for me about ABL is the learning that takes place. I enjoy listening to problems my colleagues are facing and then what kind of solutions are there to deal with those problems. In the process, I gain a wealth of knowledge to improve my business." Satnam Gambhir, Co-Founder and CEO, Envision Financial Systems, Inc

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