Ada's List is a global, change-oriented community for women and non-binary working in tech. They provide a space to connect with fellow professionals in a visibility network and marketplace.

It's a place to engage, support each other, and build a solid career. You can expect thousands of members participating in daily conversations and discussing how to create an impact in their communities.

They are hosted on Mobilize, an email-based platform. To communicate, members exchange emails with questions, resources, and thoughts.

If you'd like to join, fill the signup application form and wait to be accepted. Once you enter Ada's list, you should expect 15-20 emails every day.

Besides, they offer job channels for members to find a dream role in the tech industry. Thus, they create new and organic connections between inclusive hiring companies and talented professionals.



Join a newsletter-based community for women in tech:
With an active group of 8,500+ folks, Ada's List is a network to find inspiration, support, training, and new connections. As a member, you can participate in enriching conversations with leaders in your industry. It's a space to discuss your work, request feedback, and share your learnings.

Job opportunities:
They connect talented women in tech with inclusive hiring companies looking for such profiles. By joining as a member, you will access a curated job board with more opportunities within your field.


To be a woman or non-binary working in tech.


Networking Events

They are an email-based community, so engagement occurs in daily conversations. But as they exchange 15-20 group emails daily, there are networking opportunities among members.

You'll have the chance to ask specific questions, exchange resources, find new job opportunities and connect with leaders working in your industry.


Fostering a better tech ecosystem for women and underrepresented groups, the community provides a space to discuss, learn, connect, and find new job opportunities. All for free.


"The main thing was that it was such an interesting and diverse response from people with experiences and perspectives I would never have normally talked to - so good!" -Michael Islip

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