ASAEDE is a community for Argentinian entrepreneurs that want to internationalize and expand their companies to Europe.

The community focuses on early-stage businesses (0 to 5 years). You can join as an entrepreneur, which costs $139 per year. You can also join as a collaborator (for experienced entrepreneurs) or as a sponsor. Keep in mind that ASAEDE's members communicate in Spanish.

The founding team, which is composed of ten members, has developed strategic relationships with key leaders from Barcelona (Spain). Those relationships are what help Argentinian entrepreneurs to insert their companies into the European market. Surely, this access to the European networking space is one of the most valuable benefits of the membership.

On the other hand, as a member, you will enjoy several other advantages. One of those is you will learn. A lot. ASAEDE's educational programs help small to medium-size businesses to scale and further grow. Additionally, you will be able to access legal, fiscal, and accounting consulting sessions, as well as advisors who will help you to access public and private financing.

ASAEDE serves as a workspace for entrepreneurs and companies in their initial stages. They incubate and accelerate projects. The community also hosts several events, for example, free webinars. They also host in-person networking sessions and workshops. If you are a member, you can obtain free or highly-discounted access to all community events.

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  • Yearly Cost



To be an entrepreneur or founder developing an early-stage business (0 to 5 years).



Members participate in workspaces specially crafted for early-stage companies and startups. As a member, you will have access to several educational spaces on investment, public and private financing, advisory services, and project incubation and acceleration.

Learning Events

The community regularly hosts free webinars to talk about different business topics, tools, and resources. Additionally, ASAEDE offers its members different educational programs, as well as advisory sessions on legal, fiscal, and accounting topics.

As a member, you will learn, through seminars and workshops, all you need to internationalize your Argentine company and have a European presence. Besides their educational programs, the community will also advise you on how to attract investors, and how to access public and private financing. Lastly, their project incubation service will help you accelerate your business and grow faster.

Networking Events

As a member, you will access ASAEDE's European network and get to know the right people to internationalize your company. Besides, you will be able to network with lots of Argentinian entrepreneurs and with the 75+ companies that are ASAEDE's partners and collaborators.

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