Balio is a free, Spanish educational community for investors and regular people to learn how to better manage their personal finances.

The community will guide you to discover new investment opportunities and new money-making strategies. You will also learn how to smartly manage your money. Balio is free as well as its newsletter (which includes a free course when you first subscribe).

Additionally, the community has a podcast (which is also free). Each episode includes interviews with financial experts, allowing you to learn about investing and saving. The community also offers free webinars on managing your money. Previous registration is required to attend.

On the other hand, Balio offers interesting courses on 6 main topics: crypto, real estate, personal finance, investing, increasing your income, and entrepreneurship. These courses include video lessons and downloadable resources, and all of them are paid.

However, you can also subscribe to Balio Pro for €13,90/month. This membership gives you access to all 40+ courses (without the need of paying for them individually) and also allows you to participate in exclusive live sessions with experts.

Moreover, members of the Balio community participate in an online forum with 8 main categories. These include topics seen in the courses. Inside, members are able to interact with other Balio students, ask questions, request advice, and exchange knowledge. It's a good spot to discuss what you have learned and find like-minded people interested in investing and saving.

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  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2019
  • Founders:

    Gerard Bernal and Sergi Benet

  • Amount of members: 4,200
  • Online Group: No
  • Job board: Yes
  • Language: Spanish
  • Method: Virtual


Expand your knowledge:
The community offers courses, webinars, and podcast episodes for members to learn about personal finance. Additionally, you can subscribe to the community's newsletter to stay updated.

Participate in the forum:
Balio's online forum brings an opportunity to ask questions and solve your doubts. Members discuss off-topic issues as well as questions related to personal finance and investing.

Expand your network:
The community brings together people willing to learn how to manage their money and get better at personal finance. It's a good chance to learn from others' experiences and share knowledge.



No requirements.


Learning Events

The community organizes free webinars focused on personal finance and investing. These are free for people who register previously. For each webinar, you will find the special guest's name, date, and time to attend. Additionally, if you are a Balio Pro member, you will get access to member-exclusive live sessions with experts.

Networking Events

Members of Balio interact through the community's online forum. It has different categories to discuss personal finance and investing questions, such as real estate or crypto. Additionally, they can casually interact with each other in a dedicated off-topic space. Overall, it's a great spot to find like-minded people who are also interested in learning about finances. You will be able to expand your network, make new friends, and share knowledge.

Content Library

The community has a newsletter to keep members updated with the latest trends and news in the finance industry. There is also a series of over 70 podcast episodes on personal finance and investing. Each episode presents a different topic directed by an expert in the area. There are mainly interviews discussing the expert's tips and general advice.


Balio has over 40 courses on 6 different topics: crypto, properties, personal finance, investing, increasing your income, and entrepreneurship. All courses include video lessons and downloadable resources. However, keep in mind that each course has a different price depending on the hours and topic. If you are a Balio Pro member, you will get unlimited access to all courses on the platform.


"A great course. I needed it to clarify concepts and start creating my portfolio. Very well structured and explained. Thank you very much." -Teresa

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