Being Boss community offers a space where creative bosses connect to stay motivated and learn new strategies. They foster an inclusive and environment to talk about business and help each other find creative solutions.

The community has a spot for anyone building a professional career, but it's the best fit for experienced business owners. You'll discover people managing businesses in diverse industries, willing to share their experiences to enrich the community.

You can join for free and access the community platform, meetups, and monthly book club sessions. If you're looking for support and engagement, this membership is the right choice.

Members join in Monday meetups to check in, celebrate triumphs, and troubleshoot their struggles. For those looking to involve in the community, the clubhouse membership is the perfect opportunity to bond with experienced business owners.

You can join by paying a $77 monthly fee and access to perks, podcast production, clubhouse conversations, exclusive events, and more.

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  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2016
  • Founders:

    Emily Thompson

  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Virtual meetups:
Join in weekly meetups to celebrate the community's achievements and discuss creative solutions to overcome your struggles.

Participate in a monthly book club session to read and implement new approaches with peer support.

Access the classifieds: Find job opportunities or sell your products and services to members of the community.

Make your podcast:
Receive expert help to produce your own content and launch it to the market.
Participate in events: Clubhouse members receive exclusive invitations to retreats and top-secret events.

Exclusive resources:
Learn with free podcast episodes and instructional resources. Discover how to boost your productivity to reach better results by implementing proven strategies.

  • Monthly Cost

Included in Free Version

Free membership includes:

  • Community platform access with limited features
  • Monday meet-ups
  • Virtual & local co-working events
  • Book club prompts
  • Monday prompts
  • Resource library with tools to enhance your productivity.
  • Classifieds


No requirements.



Free members meet in Monday meetups and monthly Book Club sessions to discuss their challenges and ideate creative solutions together.

Clubhouse membership includes invitations to exclusive retreats and events, along with participation in monthly clubhouse conversations. Members also implement new moon intention-setting practices to center themselves and promote continual growth through monthly meetings.

Learning Events

The community hosts expert-led conferences to discuss product management, goal setting, and more relevant business topics. These online events run for three days and professionals from diverse industries are invited to enrich the community with varied perspectives.

Networking Events

By joining the clubhouse, you'll be in touch with fellow business owners committed to the community members' success. It's a good place to discover new partners, make friends, and bond with people sharing similar interests. You'll be invited to exclusive events and retreats to engage with fellow entrepreneurs and learn from different perspectives.

Content Library

Members have access to conference and gatherings replays to learn about time management, marketing, and goal setting.

You can visit the resources section to access free tools and learn about time management and goal setting. Listen to the podcast episodes to get inspired by success stories and build new skills.


Being Boss has a CEO day Kit course to guide you in the process of achieving business goals. You'll work in a 12-months program to sketch the right moves for your business and take action.

With instructional videos and worksheets, the course includes a framework of tools and tactics that will guide you through big-picture planning.

Clubhouse members access it for free, or you can purchase it by paying a $279 once-in-a-lifetime fee.


"This has to be one of the BEST books for creatives who dare to dream of owning their own business! It takes you through the fears you WILL/DO FACE, the negativity you must fight, and then gives you a viable plan to help you succeed! I've been waiting YEARS for a book like this!" -Mandi Tucker

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