Black Businesses Matter is a community in the United States that promotes successful black business ownership through in-person forums.

The community organizes in-person forums in four different regions of the United States: Southeast, Northeast, Midwest, and Western. These forums serve as a space for black business owners to gather and connect with each other, generating powerful professional connections that can bring up unexpected opportunities for members' businesses.

Additionally, the Black Businesses Matter forums are an ideal space to discuss entrepreneurship topics. Each forum has diverse activities such as lectures, panels, talks, presentations, and more. Thus, these events are great not only to network but also to learn from industry experts.

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  • Founders:

    Devin Robinson

  • Online Group: No
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Get tools to succeed in business:
The community promotes successful black business ownership by giving black entrepreneurs the necessary tools and knowledge they need to successfully create, manage, and grow their businesses.

Expand your professional network:
Black Businesses Matter will help you to meet like-minded black business owners with whom to bounce ideas and share insights. Those connections can bring unexpected opportunities for your business.

Discuss important business topics:
The Black Businesses Matter forums are the space where members gather in person to discuss important entrepreneurship topics, showcase their businesses, and enjoy business planning and strategy sessions.


To join the community, you must be a black business owner or entrepreneur.


Learning Events

Black Businesses Matter organizes several learning events for its members, such as talks, lectures, presentations, and panels. On the other hand, businesses can enjoy showcase sessions, planning and strategy meetings, and additional opportunities.

Networking Events

Members of Black Businesses Matter interact in person in four different forums according to diverse zones in the United States: Southeast, Northeast, Midwest, and Western. Additionally, the community sometimes organizes networking events for members to get to know each other.

Content Library

Black Businesses Matters has a directory of black-owned banks and an image gallery for you to explore.


The community promotes successful black business ownership and helps black entrepreneurs get visibility and connections.


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