Blacks Who Design is a free Twitter directory of black designers and creatives looking to network and grow as professionals in the industry.

The directory has 24 categories for diverse design expertise areas. There are from art directors to researchers and writers. A positive feature of this directory is that you know how many profiles each category has. This will help you identify that, for instance, product designers are the majority while there are no web designers.

To join, as well as in other siblings "Who Design" communities, you need to nominate yourself. However, this form is very short. You need to provide only your Twitter handle and reason for nominating yourself. Once you are accepted, you can view your profile and edit it. It includes your area of expertise, location, a short description, and your social media accounts.

Apart from the directory, the community has a Slack group. You will access the link once you are accepted in the directory. Overall, it's the community it's a great opportunity to connect with other black designers worldwide, bounce off ideas, and exchange knowledge.


  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2018
  • Founders:

    Wes O'Haire

  • Amount of members: 400
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Showcase your work:
This community emphasizes black designers' work. It's an opportunity to show your talent and demonstrate your skills. Being part of this directory will open new doors to your professional life.

Find fellow peers:
As the community is focused on black designers, you will be able to build a new team to work on new projects. The Slack group will allow you to interact with other designers and expand your professional network.


To join, you need to nominate yourself through a form.


Networking Events

Members of Black Who Design connect through a Slack group. This is private and available only to members of the directory. It allows private interaction and support among members. It's a safe space to discuss new trends in the design industry and help others grow in their careers. Additionally, you can use the directory to contact like-minded people within a similar area of expertise as you to bounce off ideas and exchange knowledge.

Content Library

The community has a directory with profiles of over 400 black designers. You can filter your search by area of expertise. All the profiles include this feature as well as location, a short description, and the designer's social media accounts


Blacks Who Design helps black designers gain visibility to recruiters and collaborates in diversifying the design industry.

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