Business Network International is a member-focused business referral network. Their purpose is to connect like-minded business professionals to create valuable relationships. They're focused on a proven business referral system for raising customer retention rate and lifetime value.

Working in more than 70 countries and having more than 280,000 members, BNI provides a global structured marketing program. They offer help for finding new clients and grow your business.

Members meet in virtual and in-person Local Chapters to develop long-term relationships and work together to generate more sales with less effort and lower costs.

To join them, you need to find a Local Chapter, register for a meeting, and wait for the community invitation. Then, you can apply for an annual membership that costs $599. Members gain access to exclusive content to improve skills and make new connections.



  • Membership: Paid Community
  • Founders:

    Ivan Misner

  • Amount of members: 283,000
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: Yes
  • Language: English
  • Method: In Person, Virtual


Build long-term relationships:
Participate in local chapters and bond with the community. Contribute to each other success, build your business skills, and get surrounded by people who will help you grow professionally and personally.

Referral networking:
As a member, you have the possibility of joining a local network with global scope to expand your reach and find more clients through referral marketing strategies. There are more than 10,000 chapters around the world for you to join in. Use your networking skills to improve your client's retention rate and lifetime value.

Sharpen skills:
Gain access to exclusive content for developing your skills and create a solid network. Learn with courses, educational videos, and podcasts.

  • Initiation Cost
  • Yearly Cost

Included in Free Version

  • Free meeting to know how the community works and find out if you fit into the group.
  • Learn with the free ebook and study the advice given in the blog section.



If you want to be part of this global community, you first need to visit a chapter to find your new referral partners and wait for them to admit you to the community. Then you can apply for membership with the Membership Committee of the chapter.



Members meet weekly on 90 minutes sessions to engage, exchange knowledge and find new referrals. If it's virtual or in-person depends on the location of your chapter.

You can participate in virtual meetings through the BNI's exclusive platform.

Learning Events

Participate in conventions and events around the world to network and bond with your peers.

Networking Events

Join to be part of virtual and in-person events to connect with your peers and find new referrals.

Content Library

Learning resources are available for members. You can be part of the exclusive BNI University and access to courses, ebooks, videos, and podcasts.


Learn in BNI Business Builder, an exclusive online courses platform.


“In the six years since I joined BNI, the business has grown from two of us to 13 people, and BNI has been an essential and integral part of that." - Debendra Rampersaud

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