C3 is an online forum that gathers over 100 community builders from all over the world, to discuss community building and management.

You can join C3 for free, by signing up and waiting to be accepted. This community is full of community builders who gather to discuss marketing, customer experience, community management, and startups. You will find lots of supportive people to rely on. In the forum, there is useful advice and feedback on how to improve and grow your community.

Every Saturday, members gather for a one-hour virtual conversation. Usually, these meetings have no agenda. Only passionate community builders who meet to discuss relevant topics and to share insights and experiences with the rest of the group.

Additionally, you can participate regularly in different learning events. Generally, there are AMAs and roundtable discussions. The community invites some leading community builders to talk about their experiences and background. Furthermore, members can later ask anything they want. This is an excellent opportunity to leverage the knowledge of experts to skyrocket your community growth.

Lastly, there are other spaces to connect deeply with members. For example, C3 organizes movie nights and there is a virtual coffee open 24/7, where you can join to interact with members besides the forum.

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Join a thriving space of community builders:
C3 has over 100 members from all over the world. You can exchange ideas and insights with other members and leverage the knowledge of experts in the industry to supercharge the growth of your own community.

Participate in regular events:
The community hosts several events. You can participate from the weekly conversation, AMAs, roundtable discussions, movie nights, and from a 24/7 virtual community coffee.


To be a community builder and to work creating, maintaining, and growing communities.



Every Saturday, members gather at 2.30 PM - 3.30 PM IST to have a virtual conversation around community building. There is usually no previous agenda for these meetings, just passionate community builders who exchange ideas and insights.

Learning Events

The community host several learning events. Usually, they invite some leading community builders to talk about their experience and background. After the conversation, members can ask questions and leverage the knowledge of experts to skyrocket the growth of their own communities. Every month, there are several roundtable discussions and AMAs to join and learn from.

Networking Events

Members of the community interact in a forum hosted in the platform Habitate. The forum is a great space to discuss community building, marketing, customer experience, and startups. There are over 100 members from all over the world.

Additionally, you can join movie nights to watch a movie with members of C3 and connect deeply with them. On the other hand, there is a Virtual Community Coffee, open 24/7, for you to interact with other members besides the forum.

Content Library

Inside C3's online forum you can find a dedicated section to share good reads on community building. Members share articles, books, and even Twitter threads of their favorite community builders. Additionally, they are creating a glossary of community-building terms. You can add your own definitions to it and contribute to creating something every member can refer to whenever they need it.


"Loved the AMA with Ankita, her detailed answers shows her experience around communities and gave me a clear idea on how should I proceed with the doubts I had. Her answers gave a great insight into building community for developers!" -C3 member

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