Catlin & Cookman was founded in 1989 by Katherin Catlin. The paid community intends to help CEOs to scale their businesses and reach their full potential. Indeed, the community applies proven frameworks to develop a high-growth company.

The frameworks employed in each meeting, coaching, and workshop have 20+ years of perfecting. In the High-Growth CEO Forums, 8-10 high-performing CEOs gather quarterly. They discuss, in a confidential setting and in a peer-advisory format, their most pressing challenges and problems.

Each member helps others by providing useful feedback and insights based on their own expertise. All CEOs are in the same stage of company development. On the one hand, this ensures productive meetings. On the other hand, it poses an opportunity to network and develop valuable connections.

Additionally, Catlin & Cookman also provides other services, such as Strategic Planning and Team Alignment. This service consists of a one or two-day workshop to create high-performing executive teams.

They also offer High-Growth CEO Coaching. On these sessions, experts work one-on-one with CEOs to sharpen strategic business and leadership skills following the same frameworks present in the forum.

Lastly, Catlin & Cookman has an Investor and Incubator Program. Here, investors learn to help their portfolio CEOs successfully scale their companies.


  • Membership: Paid Community
  • Year Founded: 1989
  • Founders:

    Katherine Catlin

  • Online Group: No
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: In Person, Virtual


Handpicked groups of CEOs
The High-Growth CEO Forum is composed of 8-10 CEOs in the same development stage, ensuring productive meetings where the challenges and opportunities are similar for each business.

Networking opportunities
Each forum serves as an opportunity to network with high-performing thought leaders.

Proven frameworks
Catlin & Cookman serve their members by guiding them through proven frameworks with 20+ years of perfecting, helping them to scale their businesses and their leadership abilities.

Professional coaching and workshops
This community's services are designed to build high-performing executive teams and to coach CEOs to reach their fullest potential.

Included in Free Version

The Catlin & Cookman Group has a library of free resources that include podcasts, articles, and surveys to evaluate performance based on their own proven frameworks and processes.



You will need to take first an exploratory interview for the community's team to determine if you are a good fit. If you pass to the next stage, you will be participating in a trial session. Lastly, if members mutually agree, you will be able to join the community as a member.



Catlin & Cookman host quarterly meetings called High-Growth CEO Forum. At these meetings, the same group of 6-8 CEOs gathers each quarter in a peer-advisory format to discuss their most pressing challenges. The forums serve as a confidential space to share problems and opportunities that each business is facing and to give and receive honest, invaluable feedback.

The meetings are expert-led and use proven proprietary frameworks and processes, books, and the insights recollected of past forums that have run since 1999. The CEOs are grouped according to the stage of growth of their company, to follow the "High-Growth" process that has helped hundreds of companies to scale.

Content Library

As a member, you get access to proven frameworks and processes to grow as an executive and scale your company to dominate the industry.

Some of the frameworks are: Building the Profit Spiral® – Planning for Growth™, Building the Executive Team as Leaders of Growth™, Predictable Stages of Corporate Growth™ and High-Growth CEO Performance Evaluators™.


"The format is very structured, you come to each forum with a particular challenge you put in front of all the other CEOs, and you come with your proposed solutions and is really open-game in terms of feedback: honest, brutal feedback or very supportive feedback, my company has gone through a fundamental transition of moving from a B2B business to a consumer-driven business, and being part of the forum I think made that transition much smoother and much easier." -Meredith Flynn-Ripley.

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