Changelog has a dedicated community for developers of all stages and skill levels. This community is completely free to access and virtual, working mainly on a Slack group. The Slack group is active every day and has 5200+ members from all over the world, scoring the diversity of opinions and viewpoints that make a community truly valuable.

This media company founded in 2009 by Adam Stacoviak is now an authority in the development field. It releases approximately 5 podcast episodes per week, along with news for developers many times per day. You can subscribe to receive their updates nightly or weekly.

The Slack group has over 50 channels for you to join according to the areas you find most interesting. The community features a safe space to connect with fellow developers and work issues together. The purpose of the community is to share knowledge and insights to help everyone grow and evolve as a developer.

By being a member of the Slack group, you can chat in real-time when the weekly Changelog's live events take place. You can also access a useful job board and get special discounts on Changelog's 20+ partners.

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  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2009
  • Founders:

    Adam Stacoviak

  • Amount of members: 5,200
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: Yes
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Join like-minded developers on a private Slack group:
Changelog is a dedicated community for developers of all skill levels to discuss topics they care about. It's a safe space for you to join conversations, get help and advice, and share knowledge on your areas of interest.

Get members-only perks:
Gain access to special discounts and offers from Changelog's 20+ partners.

Access to job opportunities:
Join the Slack group to get access to a jobs channel, where members post job opportunities in the development field.

Early access to content:
Changelog is a media company, and by being a member of its community you can get early access to the content they release (news, podcasts, and posts).



No requirements.



Every week, Changelog hosts live events where they discuss different topics for developers of all stages and skill levels. If you are part of the Slack group, you can chat in real-time from there when the live shows take place. Actually, the Slack group is the place where members meet to talk about development and related topics.


Learning Events

Changelog has 9 podcasts that feature topics of software development, building startups, open-source, artificial intelligence, product launches, brain science, and more. Weekly, you will have access to approximately 5 episodes.

The episodes are live and you can live-chat from the Slack group while the episodes are taking place if you are part of the community. Every podcast episode is designed to help you learn something new and getting insights from experts and top talents in the development field.

You can subscribe to Changelog's Master Feed to receive all of the community shows.

Networking Events

Changelog's members interact in the community's Slack group. Most channels are targeted to learning and improving abilities, but some channels are specially designed to network and connect.

For example, the #main" channel is where everyone typically introduces themselves right after joining the community. Here you can get to know new members. But there are also channels like #tv-shows, #gaming, and location-specific channels that are more tailored to connect on a deeper level and get to know each member's interests, hobbies, and passions.

Those location-specific channels are to find people near you that will be able to organize in-person get-togethers. Other channels are designed to expand your professional network, such as #founders talk (for startup founders) and #independent (for remote workers and freelancers).

There are other useful channels inside the community, such as a job board, which is a place to post blog articles and learning resources, and a news feed. There are also channels to discuss artificial intelligence, new programming languages, brain science, design, accessibility, freelancing, product launches, hacker paradises around the world, among other topics.

Content Library

Changelog has a huge podcast library with over 5 TB of audio. They launch approximately 5 podcast episodes per week, on topics ranging from JavaScript, brain science, artificial intelligence, advice for founders and CEOs, guidance on how to get your ideas into the world, among other topics.

Additionally, they post news for developers many times per day. You can subscribe to their news to receive them nightly or weekly.

Benefits with other companies

By being a member of the Changelog community, you get access to special discounts and offers from Changelog's partners (companies such as IBM, Toptal, Fastly, Linode, Rollbar, StrongLoop, Flatiron School, Code School, Node JS, The Linux Foundation, Hacker Paradise, among others).


"There's no way to truly say how much value I get from being a part of Changelog's developer community. I'm there every day, and there's always something interesting being discussed. It's awesome." -Justin Dorfman

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