Chicas en Tecnología is a community for high-school girls. Its purpose is to shorten the gender gap in the tech industry. The non-profit organization allows women from 18+ South-American countries to receive free learning opportunities, such as international events, webinars, mentorships, scholarships, and internships.

Four women found the community in 2015. Their purpose was to create a space for other women to learn how to build a career in tech. Chicas en Tecnología's initiatives want to teach girls how to introduce themselves to the tech industry.

PUMM, Spanish initials of programming a better world, is one of their most popular events. It's a boot camp designed to educate intensively (20 hours in 6 days) about tech and entrepreneurship. Participants solve a social issue with a group project that combines technology and innovation.

All community events and programs are completely free to join. If you wish, you can donate, become a sponsor or a mentor to give back to Chicas en Tecnología.

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Empowering young women in tech:
Chicas en Tecnología is a community that teaches high-school girls how to introduce themselves in tech, shortening the gender gap that exists in the industry.

Free learning opportunities:
The community is a non-profit organization and all of its events, webinars, and bootcamps are completely free to join.

Dedicated content:
You can find videos, blog posts, social media posts, a monthly newsletter, and a podcast from Chicas en Tecnología. All content is free and crafted to educate and empower women in the tech industry.

International events:
Chicas en Tecnología's events are distributed in many countries, allowing you to network and connect with girls from diverse backgrounds and perspectives. The community also offers online and remote events.


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The community organizes several events to introduce young women to the tech industry. The events are both in-person and virtual and include boot camps, workshops, webinars, conferences with expert speakers, integrated curriculums to include technology education in schools, etc.

Members can also interact with each other in the community's own e-learning platform, a virtual campus where you can contact mentors and other members in order to find help with your projects and improve your learning experience.

Learning Events

The community organizes both in-person and virtual learning events to help young women to enter the tech industry. In-person events include:

  • PUMM: 
    Spanish initials of programming a better world, PUMM is a boot camp in tech. The event educates young women through mentorships and workshops with experts in the industry, to help them build a career in tech.
  • Clubs:
    Integrated curricula for sustainable learning in schools and other spaces of non-formal education. Spaces for young women to explore and innovate.
  • Chicas Líderes en Tecnología:
    Thematic events with expert speakers and mentors to introduce young women to the tech industry.
  • International programs:
    Some of Chicas en Tecnología's events have participants of 18+ South-American countries.

On the other hand, you can participate in virtual events that constitute invaluable learning opportunities. These types of events include remote webinars and workshops, but also contests and access to scholarships and internships to help you get further education and land your first job in technology.

Networking Events

Inside the community, there are dedicated spaces and events to meet new people interested in technology. For example, you can network in different conferences and programs created to introduce young women to the tech landscape. You can also interact with other members on the community's online platform.

Content Library

The community regularly creates valuable content on its blog, along with videos, a monthly newsletter, and a podcast. All content is designed to teach high school girls how to introduce themselves to the tech industry.


"After PUMM ['programing a better world ', Spanish initials] I became interested in programming" -Julieta Taras

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