Chief Operators is a community that connects operators looking to buy and run a website, with investors willing to put their money in a website investment.

The community is invite-only. To join, you will need to participate in a short interview with the founder, Sam Bass, to make sure you are a good fit for the community.

For operators, the community is free. The main requirement to join is to have a track record of running websites in your niche that make at least 6-8 figures. There is one exception, though. If you have deep expertise in your niche (one of the top leading experts in the world) you can join anyways. Even if you don't have experience running websites.

On the other hand, if you are an investor, you will need to pay a quarterly fee of $249. Keep in mind that this fee increases with every 50 new members.

To join the community, you must be willing to invest at least $100K, with the normal range being between $200K and $5M. This investment is a high-risk one, meaning you have to be willing to lose this part of your portfolio. However, with higher risks come potentially higher rewards. Operators usually get 5-40% equity over time for running the website you buy.

Community members communicate via an online group. Inside, the community runs "deal flows". These help you save time and detect juicy opportunities when you are looking for sites to buy.

To use deal flows, you must first set your requirements (for example, the niche you want your website to be in). Besides, you need to set a finders fee. This is an incentive for people who find a website for you to close a deal. Deal flows allow you to find websites for sale by leveraging connections professionals in the niche you want to have. You can find websites even before they are featured in a brokerage or marketplace.

Additionally, the online group has useful sections with resources and guides. There is also a list of recommended professionals that will help you to further advance in your projects.


  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2020
  • Founders:

    Sam Bass

  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Find an investor for your project:
If you are an experienced operator looking to buy and run a website, this community is perfect to find your next investor.

Find a great operator to invest in:
The community connects you with great operators in different niches. Together, you will find a profitable website to buy and reap the benefits the operator you work with can bring you.

Leverage deal flows:
Deal flows are ideal to help you save time when you are looking for a website to buy. Let experienced professionals in their niche alert you when a good opportunity comes in -even before it appears in the marketplace!



For operators:

  • You must be focused on growth, with a track record of running 6-8 figure websites on their specific niche.
  • Looking for equity or revenue sharing opportunities.
  • Exception: if you are one of the top experts in the world in your niche but you don't have experience running websites, you can also join.

For investors:

  • You must be willing to afford to lose this part of your portfolio (it's a high-risk investment, with potentially high rewards).
  • Minimal investment of $100K. The usual range is $200K-$5M.
  • $249 fee, quarterly.


Networking Events

The community has its own platform for operators and investors to connect and interact. It works mainly on "Off-Market Deal Flows". This dynamic allows you to post your desired deal and offer a "finders fee".

People running websites on the niche you are interested in can help you find websites for sale. If you close the deal, you give them the finders fee in return for their help. It can help you tremendously to spot deals that haven't even come yet to the brokerage or different marketplaces.

You can also explore what investors and operators are offering themselves in the platform, as well as chat in real time with them.

Content Library

Inside the online group, you will be able to find a dedicated section for resources. This section is updated regularly and members always share resources that are valuable to them.

Additionally, the "guides" section features useful tutorials both relevant for operators and for investors.

Lastly, the "professionals" section is where you can find professionals in different areas. These are recommended by the community and can help you save more time when you are looking for someone to help you in your project.

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