Common Room is a community building and growth platform. It has its own free community (Uncommon) inside a Slack group.

The Common Room platform allows community leaders from all over the world to build their communities and grow them with a unique set of tools. The Essentials plan is completely free, while the Team plan costs $15,000/year and the Enterprise plan has a custom price depending on your needs. You can explore all features and compare plans on Common Room's pricing page.

On the other hand, Common Room has created its own community, called Uncommon. It works inside a Slack group, where you can find like-minded community builders from all over the world. It's completely free to enter the Slack group and start interacting with others. Additionally, if you are using the Common Room platform joining the Slack group is great to get direct support and help from the team whenever you get stuck.

Moreover, Uncommon organizes free, virtual educational events like workshops, talks with experts, Q&A sessions, and more. The community also curates community-related resources and content for members to expand their knowledge. Lastly, don't forget to check out Uncommon's job board if you are looking for a new career opportunity!

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Learn more about community building:
Common Room offers diverse learning events (all of them free and online) as well as a resource hub for members to get community-related content and resources to expand their knowledge.

Connect with like-minded people:
Inside the community's Slack group, you will be able to connect and interact with like-minded community leaders from all over the world, bouncing off ideas and sharing insights.

Get product help and support:
If you are using the Common Room platform, joining the community's Slack group is a great way to stay connected to the team and get help whenever you get stuck.


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Learning Events

Common Room organizes many events for community builders. The events are free, online, and include activities like talks with experts, workshops, office hours, live chats, Q&A sessions, tutorials, and more.

Networking Events

Common Room's community is called Uncommon, and its members interact inside a Slack group. Members use the group to get product help, share expertise, and connect with community leaders everywhere.

Additionally, it's a great place to get support when using Common Room, thanks to channels like #common-room-product-help, #common-room-whats-new, or #common-room-success-stories.

Content Library

On the one hand, the community's Slack group has a channel called #learning where members share helpful community-related content and resources and see what others are creating.

On the other hand, the Common Room website has a resource hub with videos, guides, and articles. Additionally, there is a Developers section to explore the API docs. Lastly, Uncommon has a newsletter, you can subscribe and look through the archive of past issues.


Common Room and the team behind it really feel like partners in our community growth. It’s the first time I’ve ever felt like I have a dedicated software team thinking about our needs and sharing their knowledge.” -Shawn Wang


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