Cultivate is a community for people passionate to be changemakers within their organizations. It's a place to collect ideas, insights and meet disruptive people seeking to impact the world.

Hanging in Slack, members participate in virtual activities and programs such as brainstorming sessions and accelerators. You can be part of exclusive events to learn from success stories and find inspiration to influence your organization.

With AMAs and expert-led gatherings, you'll find support to transform ideas into impact.

Join for free to network in private Slack channels where 250+ members share their ideas and open themselves to overcome challenges.

Participate in social and professional channels to discover people visioning an equity workplace from all over the world.

To be part of the community, you need to fill an application form and wait until acceptance.


  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2017
  • Founders:

    Steve Garguilo

  • Amount of members: 250
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Join a community of changemakers:
With 250+ members in Slack, Cultivate hosts a space where you can brainstorm with like-minded people.

Share resources and engage in a community where everyones' opinion is taken into account.

Participate in programs:
Through cohort-based courses and programs, you'll receive expert guidance to discover how to impact your workplace. Join in AMAs to ask your questions and feedback to the group.


You need to fill an application form and wait for approval before joining the community.



Members meet in AMAs hosted in Slack to track their goals and make progress on their projects.

Learning Events

The community hosts programs where experts guide brainstorming sessions in Zoom to help members improve their organization's culture.

Participants get feedback, resources, and support on their initiatives from a Cultivator Community with 250+ business leaders and organizational changemakers.

They also host workshops to work on new ideas and identifying opportunities.

Networking Events

Members meet in Slack channels to talk and discuss insights. If you're participating in a cohort-based program, there're dedicated channels to engage with fellow students.

Share your ideas freely in a space where diversity of perspectives and honesty are the core values.


Apply for the Accelerator program and receive guidance to build your community in a 4-week cohort-based course.
The course is designed to create a lasting impact, and drive positive change within your community.


Cultivate is a Certified LGBT Business Enterprise because it's majority-owned by LGBT individuals. This certification ensures a community where diversity and equity are the core values.


"The chance to pitch at Changeathon was an amazing experience. Getting feedback from like-minded culture professionals was integral to the project I was working on, and helped me to then implement a successful change effort in my organization." - Emma Leary, Employee Experience Manager, Local Logic.

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