Dataquest allows you to learn data science and programming with a community of students, teachers, and professionals in Python, R, and statistics.

The community's online discussion forum is free. Members use this forum to connect with other students and professionals worldwide, exchange knowledge, and bounce off ideas. Discussion inside the forum often revolves around members' experiences and questions. There is a Q&A thread and a Dataquest Direct section (a space to read articles from other members).

However, if you are interested in going deeper, you can subscribe to Dataquest to take a structured approach to learn data science.

By purchasing any of Dataquest's premium plans, you will access learning paths for different data science topics. Also, you can take programming language courses and receive certifications at the end. This will help you build your portfolio and boost your career. Additionally, you will have access to exercises to practice what you learn.

You can pay for the premium version of Dataquest monthly ($44 per month) or annually ($24 per month). However, if you make a one-time payment of $706, you will enjoy lifetime access to the platform.

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  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2015
  • Founders:

    Vik Paruchuri

  • Amount of members: 23,400
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Access incredible resources:
By subscribing to the premium version of Dataquest, you can learn about diverse programming languages (such as R or Python) from scratch. The Dataquest catalog includes 5 career paths to becoming a data scientist or analyst.

Take courses:
Dataquest offers different online courses to learn at your own pace. These are short courses on different topics related to data science. After you complete each course, you will receive a certification.

Find like-minded people:
The forum is the ideal place to find other developers, both juniors and seniors, and to share experiences and knowledge. It's a place open to collaborative learning where you can ask questions and receive advice.


No requirements.



By using the "Share" section in the forum, members organize in-person meetups in diverse cities (mostly in the United States). For example, members living in Toronto can chat through the forum and meet in study groups. There is another group in San Francisco and a different one in Texas. You can look for a group in your city or start your own to meet with other Dataquest members!

Learning Events

On the community's Twitter, you will find information about diverse learning events. The community offers webinars about machine learning and how-to videos to improve your skills as a developer. There are also live tutorials and roundtable discussions.

Networking Events

Members of Dataquest interact through the community's online discussion forum. There is a section called "Share". Here, members enjoy off-topic discussions and also plan some meetups. On the other hand, there is a Q&A thread for all questions related to data science topics.

Content Library

Members who subscribe to the premium version of Dataquest access a wide variety of resources. On the one hand, there is a catalog of data science courses, career paths, and skill paths to learning different programming languages and data tools. These provide the learner with the necessary theory to learn a specific topic. To complement this process, there are practice exercises members can solve to assess and perfect their learning.

On the other hand, the "Projects" section is a place with projects done by other members. You can identify if they belong to a beginner or advanced learner. Also, if they are guided projects or portfolio projects. These are useful for you to have real-world examples and ideas about projects in data science.


Dataquest offers different learning paths. These are courses with certification on different topics of data science and technology. Generally, each course has 10 sections, and you can keep track of your progress through the platform. However, each course includes a different number of lessons and projects.

There are career and skill paths. Skill paths include SQL Fundamentals, Python Basics for Data Analysis, R Basics for Data Analysis, Probability and Statistics, Machine Learning Intro, and more. On the other hand, career paths include Data Analyst with Python, Data Analyst with R, Data Scientist with Phyton, Data Engineer, and Business Analyst.


"Dataquest starts at the most basic level, so a beginner can understand the concepts. I tried learning to code before, using Codecademy and Coursera. I struggled because I had no background in coding, and I was spending a lot of time Googling. Dataquest helped me actually learn." -Aaron Melton

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