DataTalks Club is an online free community with a Slack group for developers interested in data science and machine learning.

The community has its own website and a Slack group. By becoming a member, you can access information about data, analytics, machine learning, and engineering. Also, you can ask career questions and attend engaging events.

The community has amazing resources for all members. On the one hand, there is an articles section. All of them discuss data analysis, developing issues, and career options.

On the other hand, the community also has a podcast. All episodes include a transcription if you prefer to read. Additionally, each episode has a different guest or industry expert who gives their particular perspective on the topic. The range of topics is highly varied within the field of data analysis.

Moreover, in the books section, you can find recommended books and the community's own book club. Every week, the community proposes a book and invites the author to the Slack group to answer members' questions and organize a giveaway of free copies of the book.

Furthermore, DataTalks Club organizes many events. Some of the events hosted by the community include webinars, workshops, live podcast episodes, and conferences. Overall, is a great community to participate in if you want to meet like-minded data lovers worldwide, share knowledge, and expand your professional network.

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  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2020
  • Founders:

    Alexey Grigorev

  • Amount of members: 4,900
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: Yes
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Access amazing resources:
DataTalks Club offers articles, book recommendations, and podcast episodes. Additionally, the Slack group is an awesome source to find resources, tools, and information on data analysis.

Attend weekly events:
The community hosts weekly events in different formats. Every Tuesday you can participate in technical webinars, and every Friday there are live podcast episodes, which are more casual. You can also attend workshops and conferences.

Expand your knowledge and network:
Through the resources and events, this community is a good opportunity to learn more about data analysis. You can also interact with other members through the Slack group, bounce off ideas with them, and expand your professional network.


No requirements.



The community hosts webinars and live podcasts. These are weekly events. Webinars are on Tuesday and live podcasts on Friday. Webinars are mostly technical, usually, they include slides and a presentation about a specific topic. On the other hand, live podcasts are more casual discussions with an industry expert, which are always recorded for future backup.

Learning Events

Besides the weekly events, other events include conferences and workshops. In these cases, experts attend and direct the sessions. Conferences are bigger than workshops and include many guests and talks. Meanwhile, workshops aim to address technical skills through step-by-step processes and practical activities.

Networking Events

Members of DataTalks Club connect and interact through a group on Slack. It has 10 channels. Some of these are data science and engineering-oriented. Others are designed for random discussion and meme sharing. Members also talk about jobs, career options, the book of the week, current projects, and how to build better processes. Overall, the Slack group is great to find like-minded data analysts worldwide, bounce off ideas, and expand your professional network.

Content Library

The community provides you access to articles, book recommendations, and podcast episodes. Articles discuss questions and trendy topics in the field of data science. On the other hand, each week the community proposes a book and invites the author to the Slack group to answer questions from members. Lastly, podcast episodes allow you to learn different data analysis topics and listen to industry experts give their particular perspectives.


The community offers a free course called MLOps Zoomcamp. It's hosted on Github and in order to access you need to register previously. You will find resources and information organized in different files, and all lessons are virtual.

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