Designed is an online free community that focuses on empowering designers through educational tools and mentoring.

The community is based on five values: educate, empathize, empower, equip, and evolve. It's a non-profit organization, so it works mainly through volunteers and donations. If you are an expert in design research, web design, and product & brand design, you are ready to become a volunteer and mentor young designers.

The community has 1,500+ mentors, which can filter by country, language, timezone, experience, gender, expertise field, and more. If you are a young designer looking to boost your career, it's easy and free to create a profile and find the guidance and support you need.

Additionally, Designed has a Slack group for member discussion. Also, there is a library of curated podcasts to educate and inspire designers, with weekly spotlights for you to explore.



  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2017
  • Founders:

    David Simpson

  • Amount of members: 4,200
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: Yes
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Find guidance:
There are 1,500+ mentors specializing in more than 50 different fields. This community allows you to find a mentor to continue with your learning process. If you are an expert, you can also become a volunteer mentor.

Participate in discussions:
The community has a group on Slack to promote members' interaction. One of the most common topics is current design trends. You can also expand your network by using this online group.

Enjoy useful resources:
The community has a curated library of podcasts. It's updated each week so members can continue learning new things. You can also explore previous podcast episodes according to the topics you want.


No requirements.


Networking Events

Members for Designed interact through a group on Slack. Members mostly talk about the latest trends in design. They also discuss career tips, such as how to succeed in an interview. Overall, it's a space to expand your network and socialize with like-minded designers worldwide.

Content Library

Designed has a curated library of podcasts. Topics are varied but they all focus on educating and inspiring designers. You can also check out the weekly spotlights to continue learning and exploring.

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