DEV is a free community where software developers share, stay connected, and grow their careers through collaborative learning. It's an open source platform maintained by remote workers from all over the world.  So if you're curious about community building, the code is open for you to inspect it.

They hold strong values on collaboration and networked learning. DEV believes it is the basis for promoting growth in the software industry.

You can join for free to follow relevant trends, exchange knowledge with fellow developers, and become a better developer yourself. Within the app, you'll find podcasts, listings, videos, shops, and more.

You can also ask for a mentor that guides you through your learning journey and help others as well.
The platform also has a job board with new opportunities every week, and a course section for learning and sharping your coding skills.


  • Membership: Free Community
  • Founders:

    Ben Halpern

  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: Yes
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Improve your developer skills:
Join this community for free and find like-minded software developers who already have been where you're right now. Take advantage of the platform to ask, answer and share your work for contributing to each other career building. You can even find a mentor or being it yourself in the listing section, and participate in live events with members from all over the world.

Stay updated:
The software industry is in constant change, so being updated is a must for those who want to maintain a high standard on their projects. DEV allows you to easily follow the latest trends and news.

Job opportunities:
If you're looking for your next dream job, DEV's job listing must be taken into account because new job positions are posted every week.


No requirements.



Members meet through virtual events and also stay connected in Twitch transmissions.

Learning Events

Participate in virtual conferences and events with members around the world to discover the latest news and boost your coding skills.

Networking Events

Members use the platform to participate in threads where they can freely discuss any topic.

Content Library

DEV offers a video and podcast library where you can navigate around content uploaded by the users.


Within the courses listing section, you'll find a lot of interesting free and paid courses for sharping your developer skills.

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