Dissolve is a free community for creatives that gathers photographers, filmmakers, designers, and illustrators from all around the world.

There are no requirements and it's free to create your own profile on the platform. You can treat this profile as your portfolio. By uploading your most relevant work, you allow others to discover and connect with you. Additionally, activating the "Available for hire" feature on your profile will enable you to get creative gigs and other job opportunities.

It's easy for you to explore other creators' profiles and see what type of work they are currently doing. You can message individual creators and connect with them to collaborate or just to network. On the other hand, Dissolve hosts several contests, giveaways, and challenges. By participating, creatives test and level up their skills. There are exciting prizes for each challenge, and winners also get featured on Dissolve's website.

Another great way to get even more exposure is by joining Dissolve's Liftoff program. This program allows you to sell your footage as stock. Once you apply and become a contributor, you can begin to submit your clips. The team will later edit them, provide keywords and metadata, and promote the clips. You will get exposure not only on Dissolve's website but also to the community's highest-value clients.

Lastly, members of Dissolve can enjoy several free resources. You can explore other creators' collections and download stock images and videos. Designer goodies, on the other hand, include several PDFs, overlays, color luts, and wallpapers for you to download for free.

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  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2013
  • Online Group: No
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Join a community of creatives:
Dissolve gathers photographers, filmmakers, designers, and illustrators from all over the world. You can explore creators' profiles to find like-minded people to collaborate or network with.

Become a contributor:
Dissolve's Liftoff program allows you to sell your footage as stock. The team at Dissolve will edit the clips, provide keywords and metadata, publish them to the site, and promote your work across many different distribution methods.

Get creative gigs and job opportunities:
Your Dissolve profile serves as a portfolio. You can upload your most relevant work to the platform for others to discover. Additionally, the "Available for hire" feature makes you visible for recruiters who are looking for their next creative talent.


No requirements.


Learning Events

As a member of Dissolve, you can participate in several challenges and win exciting prizes. Contests and giveaways of the community help photographers, filmmakers, designers, and illustrators to test and level up their skills. If you win a Dissolve challenge, you will be featured on the community's distribution channels, which will give you even more exposure.

Networking Events

When you join Dissolve, you will be able to connect with like-minded creatives from all around the world. Your profile can be treated as a portfolio, where you update your most relevant work for others to discover. You can connect with individual creators you'd like to collaborate or network with by messaging them on Dissolve's website. It's also easy to land creative gigs by turning on the "Available for hire" feature in your profile.

Content Library

There are many available resources on Dissolve. On the one hand, you can download free stock photos and videos to enhance your creative projects. On the other hand, there are many designer goodies such as PDFs, overlays, color luts, and wallpapers.


I would never have had the chance to be a successful stock producer if Liftoff didn’t exist.
It helps me produce better footage by letting me stay focused on my creative process. Being an exclusive contributor for Dissolve has exceeded all my expectations — they are extremely thoughtful about their contributors. How amazing is that?” —Polina Rabtseva

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