DiV is an NGO that supports women in Ghana and across the world with educational programs in technology at an affordable price (+ scholarships).

The community has over 8 programs that make technology accessible for all women. DiV works with high school girls, university students, and adult women. There are online programs, and also programs that require your physical presence and to be a resident in Ghana. 

All educational schedules give students a quick introduction to different aspects of the technology field. DiV includes all the necessary resources to make learning possible, as well as mentorship opportunities and community building with other women interested in tech. The Diva Festival, on the other hand, it's more of a networking event, where you will be able to connect with like-minded women and get access to industry experts.

However, their most in-depth programs are the Bootcamp and the Fellowship. Many students of DiV begin with a general program to later enter the Fellowship or the Bootcamp.

The Bootcamp is a 3-month cohort. The last time was online, but usually, it's in person. This means you need to be a resident in Ghana to participate in the Bootcamp. You will learn web development for beginners, cybersecurity, and other introductory topics.

On the other hand, the Fellowship is fully online and remote and lasts 6 months. It's ideal for people who can't commit to attending physical sessions in Ghana. In the Fellowship you will learn full-stack web development without the need to have prior knowledge of coding.

Both the Fellowship and the Bootcamp have an online learning platform for you to access the cohort materials and interact with other students. The programs will also provide you with one-on-one mentorship opportunities with industry experts. On the other hand, you will enjoy further training on emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, data science, IoT, and more. Lastly, the cohorts include career support services and soft skills training.

DiV creates more equal job opportunities for women and the possibility for them to make money with their new skills through freelancing, internship, and remote or full-time jobs in tech firms. Their programs are affordable and you can apply for scholarships in every program you are interested in. Furthermore, the community is very focused on teaching skills and later introducing women to different job opportunities. Along the same lines, the DiV Careers platform connects students of the community with businesses looking to hire developers and other tech specialists.



  • Membership: Paid Community
  • Year Founded: 2017
  • Founders:

    Ivy Barley

  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: Yes
  • Language: English
  • ONG: Yes
  • Method: In Person, Virtual


Join a community of inspiring women in tech:
DiV is a community of thousands of women in Ghana and across the world, who are passionate about technology. Meeting like-minded women will give you the support and motivation you need to reach your goals.

Learn with DiV's programs:
The community has over 8 different programs for different women, with different intensities, and to learn different skills. You can choose the schedule that best suits your needs and curiosity. There are scholarship options available in every program.

Access lots of job opportunities:
DiV focuses on introducing women to the job market. The platform "DiV Careers" connects businesses with DiV students who have completed a program. The community also offers internship opportunities and career support services.

  • One Time Cost


There are different requirements for different programs in the community. The Fellowship program is the widest one because it's remote and women from all over the world can participate. The following are its requirements:

  • To be a female and at least 16 years old.
  • Access to a laptop and Internet connection.
  • Have the time to attend the online sessions during all 6 months, as well as complete the required activities and assignments.
  • Have the interest to apply the skills you acquire to pursue a career in tech.



Depending on the DiV program you choose, you will participate in different meetings. However, there is one meeting for general members of the community. It's called "Meet the Boss", and is a bi-monthly online event. It features women who have achieved great things in the tech space. These women share their experiences, best practices, and general lessons, to keep members motivated and challenged.

Learning Events

There are several programs on DiV that constitute great learning opportunities:

  • Data Science Community: it includes quarterly meetups and a Slack workspace to get involved other Data Science enthusiasts. There are scholarship opportunities available.
  • Graduate Training: if you are graduating from university this year and want to become a software developer, this program will connect you with DiV partner tech companies (in Ghana).
  • Student Internship: for female students in universities in Ghana. It's a two-month program to work on real projects, build your portfolio, and maybe get a full-time offer after you graduate.
  • Diva Festival: this event gathers African women in tech. You can network and be exposed to job opportunities, attend masterclasses and workshops, and get access to industry experts.
  • DevLeague/MelaninCode: boot camps for university students. They have a duration of 3 days and 1 day, respectively. These events introduce you to coding and invite you to join full-time boot camps or the online fellowship from DiV.
  • Introduce a Girl to STEM: this is a program that sets up coding clubs for basic schools and high schools. It includes panel discussions with experts, mentorship, workshops, presentations, and group activities, as well as the resources for the club to continue running after the program ends.

Networking Events

DiV presents its members with several networking opportunities. The Slack group of the Data Science Community is a great place to get connected with like-minded women. You can also become a Campus Ambassador to promote the work of DiV on your campus, through the creation of events and recruitment activities. This is another great opportunity to network with women interested in tech.

The Diva Festival is another DiV event where you can meet tech influencers, get access to industry experts, and connect with inspiring women working in the tech industry. Lastly, the online learning platform of both the full-time boot camp and the fellowship is great to connect and interact with other students!

Content Library

Every program of DiV offers lots of content to support you in your journey of becoming a tech expert. Specifically, the fellowship and the full-time boot camp are the most intensive programs, and the most resource-filled.

Both cohorts include an online learning platform where you will have available all the necessary resources to complete the programs. You will also access career support content (help with technical interviews, founding a tech company), and further training in emerging technologies (data science, artificial intelligence, IoT). The programs also offer resources to improve soft skills. 


DiV has one 3-month Bootcamp and one 6-month Fellowship. These cohorts are ideal to quickly learn the basics of code and begin a career in tech. The Bootcamp was online the last two years, but usually, it's in person. This means that you have to be a female resident in Ghana, to be able to attend all physical sessions.

On the other hand, the Fellowship is completely online, for those who can't commit to attending physical sessions. Additionally, the Fellowship is a great opportunity to learn full-stack web development without having prior knowledge of coding.

Both cohorts include access to an online learning platform, one-on-one mentorship opportunities from industry experts, and access to a community of inspiring women to exchange ideas and experiences.


DiV helps to spread coding knowledge to thousands of women in Ghana and across the world, for an affordable price and with scholarships for those who apply. It's a great initiative to introduce more women to the tech industry and create more equal job opportunities.


"I can testify that I have gained much knowledge from learning about data manipulations in SQL in the last months, and the contents in the videos were easy to understand. I want to appreciate the sponsorship gotten from DiV and Datacamp, which has been impactful in acquiring knowledge on Data analysis in Data science. My next plan of action is to incorporate the knowledge gained at my internship roles and projects." -Hephzibah U. Emereole

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