Edvo is a free virtual community of lifelong learners that interact in a Discord group, where they share tips on how to learn more and better.

Edvo is still in construction, but it will be the first personal learning management system. It will work as an extension for highlighting and making annotations on digital content from any webpage. You will be able to annotate and highlight while you read, making sure you make the most out of the content you consume.

The extension will be powered by mental models, that help you think critically and develop strong opinions. This is one example of a mental model:

  • Summary.
  • Your questions.
  • Your thoughts.

You can use this mental model after reading any piece of content and write your answers down in Edvo. This helps to solidify the content in your mind and critically digest it to form your own opinions.

All your annotations will be saved in your own database of deep knowledge. You can create folders inside this database, organizing your thoughts according to their topic. Lastly, you can create general pieces of writing (using more mental models) to put together everything you have learned in a single place.

You can join the waitlist to be notified when Edvo launches. While you wait, join the Discord group to connect with other learners!

Inside the group, you will find channels like "learn-in-public", "community-feedback", "ask-for-help", or "all-things-learning". These channels are ideal to interact with other members and share your knowledge while leveraging other members' tips on how to learn efficiently and effectively.

Additionally, you will find channels to learn specific topics. For example, there are channels for crypto, entrepreneurship, product management, writing, and communication, etc. The "resources" channel is where you will find useful resources shared by members. On the other hand, "events" is where you can keep up-to-date with Edvo's webinars, and other events shared by the community.

Lastly, the community has developed a "Focus Room". Their dedicated channel, "focus-hours", is your first stop. Once a week, you can hang out with members in the focus room, get in the flow, and focus for as long as you need to complete your tasks. Before and after the session, you can share in the channel what were your goals and what progress you have made.

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  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2018
  • Founders:

    Shireen Jaffer

  • Amount of members: 70
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: Yes
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


A thriving community of lifelong learners:
Edvo's Discord group is filled with people that love to learn. You will be able to "learn in public", share your knowledge, and leverage tactics members have been using to learn more and better!

Leverage mental models to think better:
The community's mental models will help you to make sense of the content you consume, ensuring the time you spent consuming it is worth it. Mental models help you think critically and develop strong opinions.

Join the waitlist for the first personal learning management system:
Edvo is still in construction. It will work as an extension that will let you highlight and make annotations on digital content from any website. You will also be able to build a personal database of all the things you have learned.


No requirements.



Every week, members join in the "Focus Room" inside the Discord group. This space has a dedicated channel called "focus-hours". Inside the channel, members share first what are their goals for the session.

Then, they join the room (muted), get in the flow, and focus for as long as they need. Once participants finish their tasks, they usually share with the rest of the group how the session went, and if they could or couldn't accomplish the set goals for the session.

This weekly meeting is sort of a coworking space for members to interact and also get done what they need for the day.

Learning Events

Inside the "events" channel on the Discord group, members share different learning events that can be relevant for the community. Edvo itself regularly hosts different learning events such as webinars and workshops. Events' topics are about learning to learn, meaning: how to improve learning and how to learn efficiently and effectively.

Networking Events

Edvo's Discord group is filled with lifelong learners. Inside, members discuss different topics related to learning and developing better thoughts and opinions.

There are channels such as "learn-in-public", "ask-for-help", and "community-feedback", essential for members to interact and share their learning experiences. Additionally, there are specific channels to learn about certain topics, such as crypto, community building, writing and communication, product management, entrepreneurship, etc.

Lastly, the "intros" channel will let you introduce yourself and also get to know other members of the community.

Content Library

The community's Discord group has a "resources" channel, where members share valuable resources. These resources usually consist of articles, links, and videos, related to building better learning processes.


"From today's learning jam with the team and users behind @EdvoOfficial, I'm confident it's an investment that'll give me 10x in return. Looking forward to when we meet next - I'm very glad I get to spin learning ideas with all of you!" -William Liedner

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