ELC is a community for engineering leaders. It gathers 5-6 matched individuals on peer-led groups that join monthly, for 90 minutes, for an entire year.

The goal of the group is to discuss relevant topics and address specific issues, where each member contributes with their own experience and background to give feedback and tailored advice to the rest of the group.

Since ELC peer groups are peer-led, members will rotate to guide the group. Meetings begin with a prompt or activity. Later, each member shares their most pressing problems, to troubleshoot solutions together with the rest of the group.

Besides the group sessions, you can leverage ELC's large network of distinguished engineering leaders to learn and grow faster by getting expert, tailored advice. Additionally, there are monthly or bi-monthly featured speakers.

By being a member, you can also access one-off group sessions, special events, and a dedicated platform to have the meetings and chat with the rest of the group.

ELC's membership costs $950 per year, and it will give you access to all parts of the community. There are no different membership levels.


  • Membership: Paid Community
  • Year Founded: 2016
  • Founders:

    Jerry Li

  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Grow your career: 
By joining ELC you can skyrocket your career development by leveraging their network of high-performing leaders to learn from them and grow faster.

Network with other engineering leaders: 
ELC's peer groups are groups of 5-6 leaders who you will be seeing monthly on a 90 minutes session, for a year. You can get to know them and develop deep bonds with them.

Relevant, curated meetings:
ELC's peer group meetings are peer-led, and members will rotate to guide the group. Each meeting begins with a prompt or activity. From there, each member will share their obstacles and the others will give feedback based on their own experience. Besides, each group is formed with people that have matched with each other based on role and experience, company size, individual goals, among other things, to ensure the problems in the group are similar.

  • Yearly Cost

Included in Free Version

For free, you can access ELC's newsletter, videos from past speakers, podcasts, and a booklist, all resources hand-picked for engineering leaders.



Only for engineering leaders (no matter your role or tenure).



ELC's Peer Groups are groups of 5-6 matched individuals, peer-moderated, that join monthly for 90 minutes to discuss important career topics and their most common problems. The commitment lasts a year and it helps you to grow faster with tailored advice for your specific situation. The meetings are completely virtual on ELC's own platform.

Learning Events

ELC's community hosts monthly or bi-monthly webinars and interviews where they bring speakers to discuss relevant topics for engineering leaders. The events are online and exclusive to ELC's members.

There are also occasional, special events such as workshops and coaching sessions for the program's participants.

Networking Events

Through ELC's dedicated platform, you can chat with other participants of the Peer Group program, making new friends, and expanding your professional network.

There are also occasional speed networking events for members of the ELC's community, where you can know important players of the industry and people from around the globe.

Content Library

The ELC community has a dedicated section of videos where they share all past webinars and interviews with experts from the industry.

They also built a booklist where they share recommended books in management, giving feedback, negotiation, motivation, coaching, and organization development. You can recommend your own selection of books too!

Lastly, you can browse their podcasts section to listen to past episodes from ELC's podcast.


Peer groups have helped to connect me with other engineering managers to talk about similar problems we are facing in the workplace. Most of all, they’ve helped me to feel supported in a different and unbiased kind of way I would never be able to get at work.” -Brina Lee

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