Elite CurrenSea is an online free community for traders and investors that offers diverse products and trading education.

You can register for free to start accessing the Elite CurrenSea benefits. The community offers an affiliate partnership option. By referring customers to the community and offering its services, you can earn up to 50%.

On the other hand, Elite CurrenSea includes a comprehensive library of resources and educational content to improve your skills. You will access articles, videos, research, and the platform "myfxbook". It has indices and stocks to trade with Forex and CFDs.

Moreover, Elite CurrenSea also offers products to learn when to invest in the market. However, these products are paid. Prices range from €399/year and €999/lifetime (depending on the product). You can also join for no upfront cost using the PAMM technology for profit share.

Elite CurrenSea invests heavily in research and educational content. They have a blog with loads of analytical posts and news in the world of trading. It also has an education section with articles, tutorials, and strategies to get deeper knowledge on the topic. Lastly, the community has three lists with the best brokers for Forex, stocks, and crypto.

Additionally, the Elite CurrenSea community hosts free and paid webinars and online training events. In case you miss any, you can watch the replay. There are also in-person seminars in diverse locations around Europe.

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  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2014
  • Founders:

    Mykyta Barabanov, Chris Svorcik, and Nenad Kerkez

  • Amount of members: 530
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: In Person, Virtual


Expand your knowledge:
This community offers a blog and an education section to train yourself. You can find articles, tutorials, and new strategies to improve your trading results.

Make profit:
By accessing the affiliate partner option, you can receive up to 50% in profit for each customer you bring into Elite CurrenSea's products.

Participate in events:
The community hosts virtual and in-person meetings. Sometimes, these are free and in other cases, they are paid. The main events include virtual webinars and in-person seminars.


No requirements.



The community gathers at the "Weekly Trading Ideas" event every week. This is a meeting used to recap what has been happening during the past week in the community. Also, to discuss important news and do live market research. As with all Elite CurrenSea events, you are able to watch the recap in case you missed the live session.

Learning Events

The community hosts virtual and in-person events. Virtual events include webinars and live trading sessions directed by the founders or other guests. Each session discusses a different matter. However, they are all focused on analysis and trading.

On the other hand, in-person seminars are held in diverse locations around Europe. You can find the date as well as the location on the description of each event.

Networking Events

Members of Elite CurrenSea use a Telegram group to interact among them. They share educational content, tools, and strategies to improve their technical analysis skills. It's a great way to chat in real-time with other community members, ask questions, and receive relevant feedback.

Content Library

The community has a huge library with educational resources. On the one hand, Elite CurrenSea has a blog for sharing news and analytical posts. It will help you understand better how trading works and what is happening in the investing world. On the other hand, the "Education" section includes not only research articles but also tutorials with strategies to improve your skills. The community's YouTube channel is another good place to expand your knowledge.

Benefits with other companies

By opening an account with Elite CurrenSea sponsors, you get juicy rewards, discounts, or even free services.


"ECS offers what I didn't find in any other advisors, blogs, experts, etc. -not just some "magic" trading system or market analysis but the holistic view and support for the trader- from beginner to advanced level." -Andrey

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