Elpha is a network for women in tech who join to share insights, learn from peers, and make lasting relationships. It's a place for building your career in tech surrounded by people working in engineering, design, venture, and marketing.

Involving women from all company sizes, the community offers a space to find support and inspiration to overcome your struggles.

With a dedicated platform and 50,000+ members engaging, you'll find new networking opportunities and resources to grow.

For joining in, you need to pass a registration process and complete your profile with professional information. Then, the team will review your application to keep the platform quality standards.

Membership is free and includes access to job opportunities, exclusive resources, and a growing community of like-minded professionals willing to help.

Join AMAs and workshops, and participate in programs to learn from top women in tech, and participate in community discussions to unlock exclusive perks.


  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2002
  • Founders:

    Cadran Cowansage

  • Amount of members: 50,000
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: Yes
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Join a tech community:
Discover a place with professionals from all over the work. You'll be in touch with people just starting their careers and also with experienced managers. Take advantage of the platform to discuss any topic you'd like and receive expert help.

Because of the application process, you can be sure members match your profile and complement your skills.

Job opportunities:
Access the positions section to discover available jobs with top companies. Listing remote positions from all over the world, it's the perfect place to grow your career.

You can also look for specific companies using the directory.

Elpha points:
The platform has a point system where contributive members are prized with exclusive perks. You'll get rewards like events invitation, career resources, and more.

Access free resources:
Get practical advice to launch a startup, find a job or advance your career.

Participate in live events:
With AMAs and workshops led by top industry professionals, you can join to ask your questions and receive guidance.

There are also month-long programs available where members meet in regular gatherings to learn from each other.


You need to complete your registration with your LinkedIn profile and wait until the team reviews your identity. The community is only for women in tech.



Members of month-long series programs meet in two hours gatherings every week.

Join the group to discuss career-enhancing and startup building with experts.

Within the platform, you can also find in-person meetings to engage with members around the world.

Learning Events

Join in ask me anything sessions and workshops led by experts to ask about your concerns and discover new investment opportunities.

Networking Events

The platform offers a space for tech professionals working in diverse industries. You'll find a place to expand your network and build long-lasting relations.

From bootstrappers to experienced CEOs, members are part of a diverse community to share resources and learn from experts.

You can start discussions and interact with other members. Participation is rewarded with exclusive invitations and perks.

Content Library

Access a companies directory to connect with more people seeking to hire women in tech.

Within the resources section, you'll discover a compilation of programs to launch your business.


The community has a points system where members who contribute to the discussions receive exclusive perks and discounts.


"I been part of Elpha for a few months now and would recommend it to any women looking to take control of their own career and exchange with like-minded women over the world." -Amandine Flachs

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