Entre is a professional network built for entrepreneurs, investors, creators, and freelancers. Within the platform, members engage in business-related discussions and meet like-minded people in virtual events. You'll find people working in similar industries and near locations with whom you can chat on direct group messaging. Members are allowed to build their personalized groups and host live events.

The community offers a job board for those who are looking for remote opportunities or seeking to find a cofounder for their business projects. You can post a job position within the marketplace or apply for free if you're a freelancer.

You can join for free or choose a premium membership by paying a yearly fee of $119. The annual plan will give you access to exclusive deals, you'll be able to participate in private beta groups, and will give you a pro distinction in your profile for gaining the trust of your network.


  • Membership: Free Community
  • Founders:

    Michael Marra

  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: Yes
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Professional network:
You can access many social media features within the platform without consuming time on non-professional topics. Within Entre, you'll find a community of entrepreneurs, investors, and creators seeking to exchange knowledge and experiences to strengthen their networks. It's a business-dedicated community where you'll find support and valuable feedback to advance your career.

Job opportunities:
Navigate within the marketplace and discover new remote job opportunities to apply for free. You can also post your available job positions and find the next freelancer who will collaborate in your project.

Deals and discounts:
Find the best software and tools at lower prices with free and pro membership.

  • Yearly Cost

Included in Free Version

You can join for free and gain access to job opportunities, discounts, and network discussions.


No requirements.



Members meet in virtual events, meetings, private rooms, and talks. You can host your own event or participate as a guest. Within the platform, members can charge tickets and record the events.

Learning Events

Members meet in talks and workshops where industry experts discuss trending topics.

Networking Events

The community stays connected using direct message service. You can create your own groups and engage with its members within the real-time group messaging feature.

Benefits with other companies

Entre offers discounts and deals for software and tools. You can access some of them with a free subscription but if you want to unlock more deals you should purchase the annual pro membership


"@joinentre is a supportive social network for entrepreneurs, with the mission of making entrepreneurship more accessible." -Sully

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