Espabilismo Freelance is a free community in Spanish for remote workers and freelancers looking to grow and scale their service businesses.

It's completely free to join, and it hasn't any requirements. Once you register, you will be able to immediately access the Discord server. This online group is the main communication channel for community members.

Inside, you will be able to ask questions, get feedback and advice, and help other members. The online group is targeted at solving mainly marketing, branding, website, and sales problems, that keep your business away from growing and scaling properly.

You will find channels to ask general questions, and channels on specific topics. You will also find a place to self-promote, and to organize collabs with other members. Lastly, the Discord group has tons of resources in the "tools" and the "tutorials" channels, where members share links with resources they found helpful in their journey.

Additionally, the community has curated content to help you grow your freelance business. On the one hand, Espabilismo Freelance releases new podcast episodes every week, three times per week. Besides, the community regularly hosts live masterclasses and other live events. You can get notifications for all events on the Discord server.

On the other hand, you can buy the community's course, which costs $170. It has lots of techniques and tools to help you grow and scale your freelance business. The course includes a textbook with 12 practical exercises, as well as 28 video masterclasses, and a minicourse on how to write persuasive sales pages. Lastly, you can also book one-on-one coaching sessions with the founder, Marina. These two-hour sessions will help you get clarity and define a winning strategy for your business.

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  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2018
  • Founders:

    Marina Miller

  • Amount of members: 470
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: Spanish
  • Method: Virtual


Join a thriving community of freelancers:
Espabilismo Freelance gathers hundreds of freelancers. It's a very supportive community where you can ask questions and find the advice you need to further grow your business.

Learn how to scale your service business:
Whether it be with the community's podcast, the course, the one-on-one coaching sessions, or the live masterclasses, Espabilismo Freelance has curated content ready for you to start learning.

Find the resources and tools you need to succeed:
The Discord server of the community is the perfect place to find tools, tutorials, and other resources members share to help you get unstuck and evolve as a freelancer.



No requirements.


Learning Events

The community regularly organizes live masterclasses and other live events, for free. You can be notified of these events by joining the free Discord server.

Additionally, you can book one-to-one coaching sessions with the founder, Marina. These two-hour sessions will help you to gain clarity and define a winning strategy that gets you the results you want.

Networking Events

Espabilismo Freelance has a Discord online group where you can connect and interact with other members. Inside, you can introduce yourself in the "stories" channel, by sharing your story as a freelancer. You can also get to know other members by reading their stories.

Additionally, the "doubts" channel is a dedicated place to ask general questions. There are more specific channels, such as copywriting, marketing, design, automation, podcasting, video marketing, productivity, etc., where you can get advice on specific topics. 

Furthermore, there is a channel for doing self-promotion. This channel will allow you to get your work out there, as well as find out what other members are up to. Lastly, the "collaborations" channel will help you to find people to collaborate with, and to join collabs with other members.

Content Library

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, the community releases new podcast episodes. The podcast has almost 400 episodes, and you can access all of them on the community's website.

Additionally, the Discord serves have the "tutorials" and "tools" channels. Inside, members share useful resources that have helped them to make progress in their projects and careers.


The Espabilismo Freelance course is filled with techniques and exercises to help you get clients online that value your talent and skills. The course costs $170. You will receive the course at your home address printed like a textbook, with 12 practical exercises. 

Additionally, the course includes 28 video masterclasses to further grow your service business. Lastly, it also includes a minicourse on how to write sales pages persuasively.

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