Fat Besties started with the mission of joining people with big bodies who share lived experiences to make support networks accessible to all. Working together towards body liberation and fat positivism, you'll find a community of Canadians fighting against discrimination.

The group professes that being fat isn't a problem, but fatphobia is. That's why the effort to impact the way society sees bodies promoting healthier cultural ideals.

Kate, the founder, has lived in her own flesh the pressure and stigma against fat people. She knows the exclusion and hate can harm individuals and created Fat Besties to promote a supportive community to empower folks.

Joining people staying at all stages of their own body journey and fat politics, the community spans Vancouver Island.

You can join for free and access a Discord community where they organize in-person and virtual meetings to discuss triumphs and challenges among members. Participate in Book Club sessions, gatherings, and social parties with local activists.


  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2019
  • Founders:

    Kate Doster

  • Amount of members: 85
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • ONG: Yes
  • Method: In Person, Virtual


Join a Discord community:
Be part of private channels to share your experiences with other members. Use the space to build new connections and support the community.

Access directories:
Members collaborate to build a directory of companies where they had a positive customer experience. Choose to purchase services in places where attention meets high-quality standards. Within the clothing directory, you'll find shops in Vancouver that offer plus-size apparel.

Participate in activities:
Join the community to assist in-person and virtual meetings with fellow activists in Vancouver. Engage in the Book Club, discuss in gatherings and attend pool parties to socialize.


You need to identify yourself as a people fat/plus-size/having a large body to participate in the Book Club, but you can join Discord channels freely.



Fat Besties host gatherings including Health At Every Size (HAES) discussions, clothing swaps, film watch parties, and outdoor pool parties. Members meet to support and encourage each other to discover their own path and rebel against society's rules.

Within the Book Club, you'll find a group of people engaging in monthly sessions to discuss their struggles and triumphs.

Learning Events

Every month they host lecture meetings to read about experiencing the world as a fat person. Hosting two monthly sessions, the group discuss their personal challenges.

Reading meetups are exclusive for people who identify as fat/plus-size/having a large body.

Networking Events

Members forge connections with people struggling with the same ups and downs in a peer-led community. Through social engagement in Discord and in-person meetings, they increase individual and collective resilience.

Content Library

The community has a clothing directory to find shops offering plus-size products. You can also look for services with companies where members had positive experiences.


The community has the mission to change the way society sees fat bodies. Holding equity values and empowering people, Fat Besties is a rebellious act against stigma and discrimination.

Organizing meetups and offering free services, they help Canadians in their own body liberation journey.

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