Force in Unison is an online community that helps indie developers improve their skills in marketing and understand the gaming industry.

Force in Unison provides guidance about project management, websites, marketing, and social media presence. As a game developer, these are important themes you need to address and work on to build a successful career. This is more important especially if you are looking for indie publishing opportunities.

To join the community you need to fill out a Google Form application. It asks for specific information about your experience as an indie developer. You will need to provide information regarding your team, the game/s you are developing, the budget you have, and the support you need. Once you send the form, you will need to wait until the community reaches you back.



Find guidance and support:
As an indie game developer, it's important to work on supplementary skills such as promoting yourself and selling your games. The community guides its members through marketing, social media, and project marketing to meet this goal.

Connect with like-minded peers:
By joining this community, you will have the chance of connecting with indie developers around the world. Building a strong team and community can be the additional step you need in order to succeed.


To join, you need to fill out an application form to prove your experience as an indie game developer. The community is invite-only, so after the team reviews your application you will be contacted to know if you are able to enter Force in Unison or not.


Networking Events

Force in Unison is currently recruiting new members for early access. Once you join, you will be able to connect and interact with other members of the community. Meanwhile, you can also interact through Twitter. They commonly use the hashtags #GameDevs and #IndieDevs to find other developers who may be eager to join the community.

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