From Written to Recommended (FW2R) is an online community focused on helping publishers and authors grow their careers.

The community aims to generate insight on writers and publishers through resources and relevant advice. It's led by the industry professional Angela James. Other experts also contribute to members' growth.

FW2R is an active community that will propel you forward to reach your dreams. It's an inclusive community and a supportive space for all types of writers and publishers. Members always participate in group challenges to foster collaborative work.

There are also Zoom calls each month. These are directed by a special guest or industry expert. Members have a space to conversate and also a Q&A moment where you can share and solve your doubts. Apart from these calls, you can also ask for a monthly office hour with the community's founder. Additionally, members of FW2R receive discounts on Angela's webinars.

Moreover, by joining you gain access to critique groups and specialized authors. This is a chance to ask and receive feedback. With your comments and appreciation, you contribute to the community's development.


  • Membership: Paid Community
  • Year Founded: 2021
  • Founders:

    Angela James

  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Participate in Zoom calls:
These calls are done each month. They are directed by an expert who will conversate with all members and help you solve your doubts through a Q&A session.

Receive guidance:
Angela offers monthly office hours. As a member, you can share your questions and receive feedback and personalized advice from her.

Join critique groups:
This is a possibility to receive feedback from expert authors. You can share your work and improve your skills taking into account experts' comments.


No requirements.



Members of FW2R join two types of monthly virtual meetings. The first one corresponds to Zoom calls with experts. It's a moment of interaction among colleagues addressing a particular topic. There is an initial space for conversation and a final space for Q&A.

For the second meeting, members are able to ask Angela for monthly office hours. These are spaces aimed to discuss your particular doubts in private and get feedback from her.

Networking Events

Members of FW2R interact through the group itself. Once you join, you have access to critique groups. These are focused on opening opportunities to ask and receive feedback. Other members and authors participate actively in sharing their texts in order to receive their colleagues' appreciation or critiques.

Benefits with other companies

Members of FW2R receive special discounts and offers on Angela's webinars.


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