Friends With Benefits is a DAO where you can participate in events, get content, and join a Discord server to discuss crypto, NFTs, and Web3 in general.

To join FWB, you must hold the $FWB token. There are currently two membership options available:

  • Local Membership: It requires at least 5 $FWB tokens. It gives you access to the Discord group and to different events organized by the community.
  • Full Membership: You have to buy at least 75 $FWB tokens. Besides the benefits of the Local Membership, this membership allows you to access the entire FWB ecosystem. This includes learning & education, lifestyle & culture, NFT + trading alpha, and governance.

The Discord server is the main place where community members connect and interact. Inside, you can find channels like "trading-crypto" and "nft-learning". Indeed, there are diverse channels to discuss topics like crypto, DAOs, NFTs, and Web3 in general.

Additionally, you can find off-topic channels like "music-production" that allow you to connect deeper with other members. FWB is heavily centered on culture, and you will find many creators there. There are also channels to organize in-person meetups in different cities around the world.

Furthermore, besides the local meetups, FWB host other networking events such as afterparties and dinners. These events allow you to form long-lasting relationships between members. Lastly, the community provides a lot of resources. Their editorial publications and newsletter are great to get weekly news, insights from the industry, and even some members' stories.

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  • Membership: Paid Community
  • Year Founded: 2020
  • Founders:

    Trevor McFedries

  • Amount of members: 13,700
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: Yes
  • Language: English
  • Method: In Person, Virtual


Join the Discord group to learn more about crypto:
Every member of the Discord group has $FWB tokens, so they are literally invested in the community. You can join the online group to learn about crypto, DAOs, NFTs, and Web3 in general.

Participate in several networking events:
Members of the community participate in different networking events, such as afterparties, dinners, and local meetups in several cities around the world (but mainly in the United States).

Culture + FWB's editorial:
FWB is full of creators and creatives. Their editorial and newsletter are great to get weekly news and updates about the industry, as well as insights and members' stories.



To join, you will need to buy at least 5 $FWB tokens.


Networking Events

Community members connect and interact in a Discord server. Inside, you will find channels like "trading-crypto" and "nft-learning". There are several channels to discuss cryptocurrencies, DAOs, NFTs, and Web3. On the other hand, there are specific channels for different cities around the world, where members can organize in-person events. There are also off-topic channels like "music-production". The community is very centered around culture.

Besides the online group, you can meet other members in person by attending FWB events. You can participate in afterparties, dinners, and local city meetups. 

Content Library

Inside the community's Discord, you will find several educational resources to further expand your knowledge about Web3 and DeFi. Members share resources every day, developing over time a huge content library for people looking to learn more about this ecosystem. Additionally, you can enjoy FWB's newsletter and blog and get weekly news, insights from the industry, and member stories.


"After nearly a year of being a friend with benefits, it’s clear that @FWBtweets is really just Friends with Friends and that is just amazing. I’ll probably be making a longer and sappier post around the new year. But for now, thanks @whatdotcd for bringing FWB into my view." -Ellie


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